Review: Apatosaurus (Furuta)

4.3 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Brandon, edited by Plesiosauria.
Several years ago the Japanese company Furuta created a really nice set including some of the most popular dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus! These dinosaur figures were painted but unassembled and had to be snapped together.

Review: Oviraptor (Dinotales Series 5 by Kaiyodo)

4.9 (12 votes)
Review and photos by forumite Himmapaan
The Kaiyodo Dinotales Oviraptor displays all the usual qualities the manufacturer is well known for: up-to-date anatomical accuracy and beautiful craftsmanship all united in one tiny, commercially produced model. It is in fact one of the scarcer figures in the line, originally released in Japan as a promotional item accompanying a bottle of lemon drink.

Review: Velociraptor (Deluxe)(Procon/CollectA)

2.6 (11 votes)
At long last, we come to CollectA’s first effort to bring the ever-popular Maniraptora clade to their generously proportioned Deluxe line. It’s hard to go wrong with Velociraptor; the name is known throughout the world, and the basic body plan remains recognizable despite the efforts of a certain motion picture.

Review: Triceratops (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

1.7 (9 votes)
As we all know, Triceratops is a staple of any dinosaur collection. CollectA’s standard sized line may have a Triceratops, but its cartoonish, caricature design leaves much to be desired – and adding a baby Triceratops figure doesn’t help. It may have taken some time, but in 2010, the company finally gave ol’ three horns a proper spot in their “Deluxe” line of prehistoric critters.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Deluxe)(Procon CollectA)

2.3 (14 votes)
In any decent line of dinosaur figures, there is often a steady rate of progress as the quality of figures improve. For some, the application of paint is neater or more elaborate; for others, the heightened level of research before design results in a more scientifically sound reconstruction.

Review: Jobaria (Deluxe)(Procon/CollectA)

4 (12 votes)
The Procon CollectA line has released a number of exotic creatures for its prehistoric line, many of them associated with super-star paleontologist Paul Sereno. Typically these are only smallish figures for their “small” to “large” product lines; large “deluxe” figures tend to be only popular species that collectors will presumably be more comfortable with.

Review: Tyrannosaurus (Definitely Dinosaurs by Playskool)

1.6 (7 votes)
If you were a dino-fan in the eighties, you might remember the TV spots for Playskool’s highly successful “Definitely Dinosaurs” line. While Tyco was raking in the cash with “Dino-Riders” and their eerily realistic figures, Playskool cleaned up nicely with the toddler and young child market. Although both lines featured articulated dinosaurs, the Playskool line favored sturdier constructions with “safer” points of articulation that were far less likely to pinch the skin of a wee tot.

Review: Spinosaurus (Deluxe)(Procon/CollectA)

1.3 (15 votes)
When it comes to dinosaur figures, many collectors favor pieces that possess either high levels of scientific accuracy, or eye-catching aesthetic embellishments. The dinosaurs produced by CollectA (formerly Procon, and Epixx in Europe) are generally lacking in these crucial traits. Their emphasis on obscure species has granted them some distinction in recent years, but their toys still have a long way to go before competing with the highly-detailed Papo figures and the incredibly accurate Safari figures.

Review: Stegosaurus (Wild Safari original version by Safari Ltd)

3.1 (12 votes)
Review and Photos by Rugops, edited by Plesiosauria.
Stegosaurus is one of the most classic and recognizable of all the dinosaurs, and as such it has been replicated countless times by different companies and in a variety of postures. Here we’ll be looking at the original Wild Safari figure from 1996.

Review: Coelacanth (Wild Safari Prehistoric World by Safari Ltd)

4.9 (15 votes)
This review has moved to the Animal Toy Blog Although the figure is a modern animal, it is part of the ‘Prehistoric World’ line by Safari Ltd, so I’ll leave this link here on the Dinosaur Toy Blog in perpetuity.

Review: Allosaurus vs. Camarasaurus (Dinosauria by Sideshow Collectibles)

4.6 (10 votes)
Original photos by Jeremy Killian

At a whopping 26 inches long, Sideshow’s latest Dinosauria diorama is their largest piece yet (though it will be unseated from this position when their Spinosaurus arrives in winter). Tom Gilliland collaborated with a large team of artists, including such greats as Steve Riojas, David Krentz, and Jorge Blanco, on what he considers to be his favorite piece in the line.

Review: Tyrannosaurus (The Great Dinosaur by Sega)

4.8 (19 votes)
Normally the choice for dinosaur figure collectors is a simple one – it’s either small, perhaps not-so-accurate but cheap plastic figures, or large, stunningly detailed resin statues that will make your PayPal account beg for mercy. However, here we have a compromise – a fairly large model (similar in size to the JP ‘Thrasher’ T.

News: Dinosaur Diorama Contest 2010 – Winners!

5 (3 votes)
I’m happy to formally announce and showcase the winning ‘dinoramas’ in the Dinosaur Toy Forum Diorama Contest – 2010. 17 unique dioramas were entered (the same number as last year in fact) and 48 members took part in the voting process. All of the entries and the results of the voting poll can still be seen here on the Dinosaur Toy Forum.

Review: Tyrannosaurus (World’s Fair Mold-A-Rama model by Sinclair)

4.4 (14 votes)
By forumite Foxilized (edited by Horridus)

Historical background
The oil company Sinclair (USA) was, since its very beginnings in the new born 20th century, closely related to dinosaur imagery. They chose a “Brontosaurus” –yes, not the deceptive one but the thunder lizard instead- as the main logo to sell their oil.

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