Therizinosaurus (Dinosaur King by Sega Toys)

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Once again, I am looking into what can happen when a property becomes extremely popular: merchandising. Such is the case for the Dinosaur King franchise. After the success of the arcade game, a manga series and anime were commissioned and, as a result, a series of figure lines were made, from small 2” lines, arcade exclusives and an articulated line. Today I will cover one from the latter: the secret dinosaur Therizinosaurus!

You can tell that this is inspired by the games and tv show, as it looks exactly like it’s in game model, with grey, black and white colour scheme all over, with a red cock’s comb (artistic touch, but since theropod dinosaurs and birds are related, not a bad touch). There are five points of articulation, the arms, legs and tail, though the tail articulation is too high up and breaks up the figure far too much. At 11.1” long and 7.5” high (at maximum), this is a big figure, but good with others of the same line, or large figure lines. Though the head is very lacking in details, the rest is covered in great feather details and wrinkles, phenomenal textures all round.

Onto accuracy. From what material of Therizinosaurus is known, it’s pretty good. Arms have a good length to them, though the claws should not be uniform. An issue of mass manufacturing figures of this plastic quality. Aside from slightly chunky feet and the tail being a tad long, this is a generally accurate figure.

This is a nice figure, great fun for kids and fans of Dinosaur King alike. For those who are looking for this figure, best bet is eBay, as Dinosaur King lines have long been out of production. If Dinosaur King is what you want to be, make your move and buy this figure!

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  • As simplistic as it is, I’m tempted to say this is still one of the most aesthetically pleasing therizinosaur toys out there right now.

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