Review: Stegosaurus (The Lost World: Jurassic Park by Kenner)

4.5 (24 votes)
Kenner’s first attempt at a Stegosaurus for the Jurassic Park line – released back in 1993 – turned out a little, well, ugly. The Lost World saw Stegosaurus‘ debut in the film franchise, and fortunately Kenner had a much, much better sculpt lined up, one that resembled closely the creatures as they appeared on screen.

Review: Pachycephalosaurus (Dinotales Series 5 by Kaiyodo)

3.4 (7 votes)
Pachycephalosaurus is the largest and most well recognized member of the dome-headed dinosaurs. It lived at the end of the Cretaceous 66-65 million years ago and therefore would have been amongst the last non-avian dinosaurs ever to be alive. It coexisted with other well known dinosaurs like Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus.

Review: Spinosaurus (Dinosauria by Sideshow)

3.3 (9 votes)
Photos by Jeremy, Review by Dan of Dan’s Dinosaurs
One of my favorite things about my job is that it affords me a unique opportunity to interact with paleontologists and paleoartists from around the world. During a brief chat with the esteemed artist Tony McVey, he casually mentioned that he was working on a Spinosaurus for Sideshow’s Dinosauria line.

Review: Corythosaurus (Antediluvia Collection)

4.1 (15 votes)
Corythosaurus is a relatively well known duck-billed dinosaur, or hadrosaur that lived in what is now Canada about 80-72 million years ago. Its name means “helmet reptile” because of the shape of the hollow crest that adorns its skull. The Corythosaurus that is part of the tiny and beautiful Antediluvia Collection, sculpted by artist, David Krentz, is no short of stunning just like the rest of the members of this collection.

Review: Apatosaurus (UKRD)

2.8 (5 votes)
The mysterious early 1990s UKRD dinosaurs, then. Although clearly cheapo Chinasaurs, they were somehow a cut above – some people have referred to them as ‘semi-serious‘ while others have described them as ‘sub-museum‘. Good descriptions both, I think. Although clearly meant to be played with by children and with no pretentions to being a ‘museum-endorsed’ line whatsoever, they generally at least resembled the animal in question, even if in a slightly outdated fashion.
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Review: Macrauchenia (Prehistoric Mammal Series by Schleich)

4.9 (10 votes)
The peculiar looking ungulate Macrauchenia (“large neck”) inhabited South America for roughly 7 million years, from the Miocene to the Late Pleistocene, only becoming extinct around 20,000 years ago. This herbivorous animal resembled a camelid superficially, when in reality it was a member of an extinct order called Litopterna.

Review: Saichania (original sculpt) (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

2.7 (9 votes)
The Late Cretaceous ankylosaurid Saichania (which means “beautiful” in Mongolian) was a moderately sized but heavily armored dinosaur whose fossils were first discovered in southern Mongolia in 1977. Saichania was a squat animal which reached a maximum length of slightly over 20 feet, making it smaller than its more famous American cousin Ankylosaurus.

Review: Hesperornis (Primeval by Character Options)

4.3 (8 votes)
Hesperornis is an extinct genus of flightless aquatic birds that lived during the late Cretaceous. Fossils have been found in Kansas and Canada. The first fossils had been dug out by Othniel C. Marsh himself during the famous “Bone Wars”. Hesperornis, a lesser-known discovery from that era, could reach 1,5m or even a little more in length.

Review: Therizinosaurus (Dinotales Series 4 by Kaiyodo)

3.8 (8 votes)
Review and Photos by Dr Andre Mursch (“Brontodocus”). Edited by Plesiosauria.
One of the most bizarre dinosaurs ever found was Therizinosaurus cheloniformis from the Nemegt formation of Mongolia, which is approximately 70 million years old. Today it is a famous dinosaur every enthusiast has an image about how it looked like but that was not always the case.

Review: Mastodonsaurus (Bullyland)

4.6 (8 votes)

Mastodonsaurus (“breast tooth lizard”) was a Russian and European temnospondyl that belonged to a group of advanced, mostly Triassic amphibians called capitosaurids. It lived in swampy pools and fed mainly on fish, but probably did not avoid land living animals such as small early archosaurids. The giant head was a powerful tool for those feeding habits.

News: Upcoming dinosaur releases from Safari Ltd (New for 2011)

4.6 (7 votes)
Safari Ltd have another great spread laid on for 2011, with two new additions to the Carnegie Collection, five new Wild Safari dinosaurs, and two new toobs. I’m sure we’ll review the figures properly when they are released next year but in the meantime let’s overview what’s in the pipeline based on Safari Ltd’s publicity shots…
Safari Ltd is dedicated to releasing two new Carnegie figures every year, sculpted by Forrest Rogers.

Review: Dimetrodon (Invicta)

4.9 (15 votes)
Ah, Dimetrodon – where would any dinosaur toy line be without this oddly anachronistic sail-backed pelycosaur? And where would I be if I didn’t drop names that I semi-understand? In similar places, one would imagine. Almost every dino toy company has churned one out, from Carnegie (ugly) to Bullyland to UKRD to Carnegie (better) to Inpro.

Review: Ankylosaurus (Inpro)

3 (7 votes)
Ankylosaurus has been an enduring presence in dinosaur toy lines over the years, in spite of the fact that other ankylosaurs (like Euoplocephalus) are known from more extensive remains. It’s probably the animal’s sheer size, and the fact that it lived alongside some famous giant theropod or other, that have made it such a pop culture fixture.

Review: Herrerasaurus (Procon CollectA)

3 (12 votes)
Review by forumite Fooman666 (edited by Horridus)
In my last review, I spoke about how many of CollectA’s dinosaurs were misses rather then hits, however I also mentioned that there are a handful of dinosaurs that are hits. This Herrerasaurus is one of them.

Herrerasaurus is a dinosaur very rarely represented in toy form, so I applaud CollectA’s choice to make one.

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