Review: Liopleurodon (CollectA/Procon)

3.8 (16 votes)
Pliosaurs again! This time we will sample Procon’s offering which is a Liopleurodon.

This is the second plesiosaur produced by Procon, the first one being the elasmosaurid Hydrotherosaurus (reviewed here), but this is their first pliosaur. Procon are tending to divide collectors with their new lines.

Review: Baryonyx (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.1 (23 votes)
Baryonyx figures have a tendency to be produced in a quadropedal posture. This is most notable in the Schleich version (reviewed here) and the Invicta version (reviewed here), and is almost the case in this Carnegie Collection version by Safari Ltd. I say “almost” because only one hand contacts the ground, while the other one is marginally lifted.

Review: Apatosaurus (Galaxy/Safari, 'Great Dinos' Collection)

3.5 (17 votes)
We reviewed this figure briefly before (here) but thanks to Atomic Elephant who sent us a review sample, we can now give this hefty figure a little more attention. There are two versions with differing paint schemes, a blue design and the grey/blue design, which we present here (although it look blue in our photos because of the lighting!).

Review: Liopleurodon (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.9 (21 votes)
It’s time to continue our series of pliosaur figure reviews and this time we will look at the Walking with Dinosaurs Liopleurodon toy by Toyway. The WWD line has been out of production for some years and was only available locally for a short period of time, so this rare figure is quickly becoming a ‘holy grail’ for dinosaur collectors.

Review: Spinosaurus (2008 version)(Schleich)

2.1 (15 votes)

Review by ‘Cordylus (AKA geckofan)’ and Dinotoyblog, photographs by “Cordylus (AKA geckofan)

It seems as though Schleich has seen the latest attempts by companies such as Papo and Safari Ltd and are now trying to get away from retro-style dinosaurs and on to new, more modern versions.

News: Dinosaur figures for 2008 – a review

3.5 (8 votes)
It’s not the end of the year yet, but all of the major releases this year have been and gone. The only other line we were (especially!) looking forward to, the Sea Monsters figures, have been cancelled – to everyone’s dismay. But not wishing to dwell on our losses, Dinosaur Toy Forum member Bokisaurus had kindly provided a round up of all this years newbies.

Review: Kronosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

3 (22 votes)

We now return to our series of pliosaur reviews. We have already looked in detail at the popular Chap Mei Liopleurodon here and more recently the Kronosaurus by Schleich. Let’s now take a look at Safari Ltd’s offering, another popular figure, the Carnegie Collection Kronosaurus.

Review: Allosaurus (Papo) (Review)

4 (31 votes)
Available on Amazon here.
Back in January 2008, the Dinosaur Toy Blog announced the unveiling of Papo’s latest addition to their dinosaur line (here). Well, it’s finally for sale so I’ve had the opportunity to review the figure in more detail and provide some detailed photographs. Long story short – the figure is amazing – I can’t take my eyes off it.

Review: Kronosaurus (Schleich)

2 (23 votes)
Big nasty pliosaurs are the order of the day – and there are plenty more to come – this review represents the first in a series of pliosaur blog entries I’m working on. A compare and contrast deal; battle of the pliosaur toys so to speak! We have already looked in detail at the popular Chap Mei Liopleurodon here so I will continue this series with another popular figure, the Kronosaurus by Schleich.

Review: Pteranodon (Papo)

2.6 (24 votes)
This figure is obviously based on the pterosaurs in Jurassic park 3 and, most egregiously, the creature has teeth. Interestingly, and pertinent to the very nature of this blog, there is an interesting story relevant to this figure…

Many cheap dinosaurs (known as ‘Chinasaurs’ in the dinosaur toy collecting community because they are typically manufactured there) have a habit of adding vicious teeth to each and every species of prehistoric creature, predatory stegosaurs and triceratops abound for example, and Pteranodons; the name means ‘winged and (ironically) toothless’, with a ferocious maw.

Review: Velociraptor (Wild Safari Collection by Safari Ltd)

2.2 (26 votes)
It looks as though Papo finally has some competition. This Velociraptor by Wild Safari is great, and it can be found pretty cheap too. I bought mine for $7.99. It has to be the best Safari velociraptor ever (All of the other safari velociraptors are ugly in my opinion!).

Review: Triceratops (‘Great Dinosaurs’ Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.4 (13 votes)
This most famous of ceratopsids has been reincarnated in toy form on many occasions, Triceratops is, after all, a household favourite.

Once again, Safari Ltd’s Great Dinosaurs collection impresses us with a pretty good figure, far exceeding our expectations for a $6 bargain and offering an embarrassing comparison for one of Safari’s other attempts at this dinosaur (the original Carnegie Collection Triceratops is simply appalling, in my opinion).

Review: Agustinia (Procon/CollectA)

1.7 (42 votes)
Review by EmperorDinobot, edited by Plesiosauria.
Once upon a while, companies decide to make some very obscure dinosaur genera. Procon is one of those companies, releasing this year a number of dinosaurs not many have heard of, such as Becklespinax, Rebbachisaurus, and so on. Agustinia is one such dinosaur.

Review: Giganotosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.6 (36 votes)
At last the Carnegie Collection Giganotosaurus is available to the world. This is one of the finest dinosaur pieces of its generation, due to its high level quality. This is simply one of the best dinosaurs Carnegie has ever released, not because it’s an impressive dinosaur, but because it’s very accurate, and very detailed.
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