Brand: Linde

Dimetrodon (Linde)

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Linde is an Austrian company producing substitute coffee – at the beginning in the 50s, because real coffee was hard to get, later because some people really enjoyed this substitute from malt, barley, rye and chicory. Occasionaly the company would put collectable little plastic premiums into the packagings in order to promote their product.

Set of Dinosaurs by Linde

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Right to begin with, yes, three figures by Linde are already thoroughly represented on this blog, the Tyrannosaurus, Sphenacodon and Dimetrodon. But for the sake of completeness I include those three in this review aswell.

“Linde” is a brand name for a coffee surrogate produced from grain and chicory.

Sphenacodon (Linde)

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Photographs by Doug Watson, edited by Dinotoyblog
Here we have the Linde Sphenacodon. In May 2009, Tomhet wrote an excellent recension of Marx´ classic Sphenacodon, also writing that “the two others were almost impossible to find”. Well, almost. Austrian company Linde added plastic toys to their coffee packages.

Tyrannosaurus (Linde)

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Photographs by Doug Watson, edited by Dinotoyblog
It is time for the “King”. Today I would like to review the Tyrannosaurus by Linde. Linde produced a coffee substitute herbal tea back in the 1950s and casually added little plastic toys as premiums to the packages. There was a total of eight prehistoric animals among them. The Linde T.
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