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Stegosaurus (Carnage Dinosaurs by ReSaurus)

4.6 (11 votes)
Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy
Hello readers! This is Emperor Dinobot, and those who know me know that I respect highly articulated dinosaur toys. So today, we are going to review one of my favourite dinosaurs, Stegosaurus, from my favorite line: Carnage by ReSaurus!

Stegosaurus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.8 (16 votes)
Now here’s a dinosaur figure that’s somehow evaded review year after year. The classic Stegosaurus model by Safari Ltd has gone through several incarnations since its original release in 1988-9. The Stegosaurus figure is one of the originals in the Carnegie Collection line up. Although it was treated to minor sculptural tweaks and a repaint and re-released in 1996, and then re-released with another new colour scheme in 2007, the basic figure remains essentially unchanged.

Stegosaurus (CollectA)

2 (9 votes)
My previous review for the dinosaur toy blog was a Therizinosaur, so I spilled the obligatory ink in describing how these were among the strangest-looking dinosaurs known. Today I am reviewing the CollectA model of Stegosaurus, a dinosaur so famous that it is safe to say that any child who could describe what a dinosaur is would also be able to instantly recognise and name Stegosaurus.

Stegosaurus (Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

4.6 (13 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
Before I review this figure, there’s something that I want to lay out about the new figures from Schleich, as 2016 has been something of a confusing year with them. For one, the company now has a new owner who was once the CEO of Lego, and has since applied some things that he done with that company to Schleich.

Stegosaurus (Deluxe by CollectA)

4 (13 votes)
Review and Photographs by Quentin Brendel (aka Pachyrhinosaurus), edited by Suspsy
The Deluxe Stegosaurus was the first of the few CollectA dinosaurs to enter my collection and it’s still one of my favourite. It originally attracted my attention since it was the only figure out at the time that had exactly seventeen plates, laterally-pointed thagomizer spikes, and throat armour.

Stegosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

4.9 (7 votes)
I recently decided to give in to a long-lasting urge and purchased my first ever desktop dinosaur models. Given the considerable price tag on some of these statues, it can be a big decision, especially in these days of online shopping when it’s difficult to know if it’s really worth it, and when there’s risk of damage during transit.

Stegosaurus (Dinosauria by Wild Republic)

3.8 (4 votes)
Review and photographs by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs’, edited by Suspsy
Stegosaurus has always remained one of my favorite dinosaurs and an old time favorite after the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Velociraptor among others. The figure that I will be reviewing today is the final one from the first polybag of dinosaurs from Wild Republic, all dating back from the year 2004.

Stegosaurus (Dinotales Series 2 by Kaiyodo)

4.7 (7 votes)
After the Lion of the Jurassic, allow me to introduce you one of its coevals, potential prey and  contender in popularity: Stegosaurus.

Ever since it’s discovery by Othniel Charles Marsh during the infamous Bone Wars, Stegosaurus gained a lot of attention and became one of the most popular dinosaur world wide.

Stegosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

3.8 (8 votes)

Greetings DinoWaurriors! When it comes to dinosaur figures that every company produces, the big three are Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus. With it’s spiked tail and plates, naturally DinoWaurs jumped on the bandwagon of immortalising this species in plastic. Question is, how well did they do? Let’s see.

Stegosaurus (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.7 (12 votes)
Review by Marc Vincent (‘Horridus’)
Stegosaurus is one of the dinosaurs most frequently seen in toy form – although often cursed with any number of anatomical errors. Kinto have made a very decent stab at it with this model from their Favorite collection, which is quite possibly the best Stegosaurus toy currently available.

Stegosaurus (Field Museum Mold-A-Rama)

3.7 (3 votes)
Finishing off our reviews of the Field Museum Mold-A-Rama collection is the Stegosaurus. Older original Mold-A-Rama dinosaurs exist as well but they aren’t currently being produced at the Field Museum and the only way to really obtain them is through eBay. It has come to my attention that the Stegosaurus machine was recently removed from the Field Museum so if you don’t already have the Stegosaurus then try to find one on eBay before they become scarce.

Stegosaurus (HG Toys)

3 (3 votes)

Here is an interesting rendition of the popular, plate covered, thagomizer wielding stegosaurus.  HG toys made some interesting looking dinosaurs during the 80’s.   For inspiration on this stegosaur they must have looked at turn of the century paleoart.  They certainly didn’t reference any dinosaur renaissance ideas into this stegosaurus, as this toy looks squat and sluggish. 

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