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Micro Tiere Collection (Bullyland)

3.2 (5 votes)
Back in 2010 our own Libraraptor reviewed a little Apatosaurus, part of Bullyland’s Micro Tiere Collection released in 2005. Having found the same little figure in an eBay lot I was very curious about this small but seemly high quality figure. A search yielded his review but further research yielded the rest of the collection and a couple years ago I was able to procure the entire line.

Mini Figures Collection (Battat)

4.7 (10 votes)
Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy
The Battat line of 1:40 scale dinosaurs is so famous that it needs little introduction. Rightly so, as these figures are some of the best representation of dinosaurs in toy form. In fact, even after 20+ years, the line is still is considered one of the best.

Mini-Dino Multi-Pack (“Battle Damage”)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.2 (10 votes)
Review and photographs by Cretaceous Crab, edited by Suspsy
Let me start out by saying that this pack of figures are obviously part of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toy franchise, and likewise, each figure is designed to be a representation of its silver screen counterpart. We all know that many of the prehistoric species featured in this franchise are not scientifically accurate.

Prehistoric Animals (Panini, review part 1)

panini prehistoric animals playset

3.8 (5 votes)
Sticker albums are a staple of many a childhood and they were certainly a part of mine. However, unlike my school  contemporaries in the early 1990s, I didn’t deal with stickers of footballers or garbage pail kids, all my swapsies were dinosaur stickers of course! And the toys that came with them…

Panini’s Prehistoric Animals sticker album has been published in several editions over the decades going back to the 1970s.

Prehistoric Diorama (Usborne)

4.7 (13 votes)

Paper is usually not the material of choice for collectors of any sort. I anyway want to introduce you to something that may be of interest for a dinosaur collector, though it are probably not the figures….

The introduced cut out model was first released in 1993 under the title “Make these Dinosaurs” and the art of it, especially the dinosaur desgin, certainly represents this time.

Prehistoric Playground Dinosaur Set (Melissa and Doug)

3.2 (6 votes)
So at is turns out, my daughter is a little bit dinosaur obsessed. Nothing crazy like the kids on the “Dino Dan” TV series that she’s watched at least three times through but obsessed enough that this dinosaur obsessed father beams with joy when she corrects grandma; “it’s not an Apatosaurus grandma, it’s a Brachiosaurus”.

Prehistoric Tube A (CollectA)

4.2 (11 votes)
Following in the footsteps of Safari Ltd and Papo, CollectA burst into the world of miniatures in late 2015. Today we’ll be looking at Prehistoric Tube A, which contains no less than ten figures of some of the most popular dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The tube itself measures 27 cm long, is made of transparent hard plastic, opens like a chest, and fastens shut securely with a clasp.

Set of Dinosaurs by Linde

4.8 (4 votes)

Right to begin with, yes, three figures by Linde are already thoroughly represented on this blog, the Tyrannosaurus, Sphenacodon and Dimetrodon. But for the sake of completeness I include those three in this review aswell.

“Linde” is a brand name for a coffee surrogate produced from grain and chicory.

Stegosaurus (‘Great Dinosaurs’ collection by Safari Ltd)

3.9 (16 votes)
The Great Dinosaurs collection is a series of large hollow figures produced by Safari Ltd. They are cheap for their size and overall the sculpting is of a high standard, in fact, most of the figures are superior in terms of posture to their more expensive Carnegie Collection museum range counterparts (also by Safari Ltd), at least the older Carnigie moulds anyway.

Stegosaurus (2019)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

4.7 (16 votes)

Review and images by Patrx, edited by Gwangi

Stegosaurus is one of those prehistoric creatures that just seems to have always been there, in the public consciousness. However, like most other dinosaurs, its known remains are never complete enough to assemble a reconstruction without combining several skeletons and trying to adjust them to suit one another.

Stegosaurus (AAA)

3.1 (12 votes)
Review and photographs by Dilopho
What do you think of when I say “Stegosaurus“? A graceful, lumbering giant with huge elegant plates and deadly spikes, carefully making his way through a tropical Jurassic forest? Well, it’s clear that this wasn’t always the answer. A few decades ago, Stegosaurus was just another terrible lizard.

Stegosaurus (AAA)

3.2 (6 votes)
Charging out of a 1950’s B-rate dinosaur movie comes the AAA Stegosaurus, a truly retro toy from a bygone era. You can all breathe a sigh of relief, this will be my last review of these little AAA toys. The punishment is almost over.

These toys feel like they’re from the 1970’s but I just don’t know, and the internet is lacking in information.

Stegosaurus (Animal Adventure/ANIA by Takara Tomy)

3.5 (6 votes)
Takara’s figure is a pleasant little rendition of the roofed reptile and a compliment to its fellow dinosaurs from the same line. It’s no surprise that Takara Tomy opted to include the “roofed reptile” as the third prehistoric entry to their Animal Adventure (sometimes branded ANIA) toy line.

Stegosaurus (Antediluvia Collection)(David Krentz)

4.5 (11 votes)
Rounding out David’s acclaimed line of 1:72 models is this 3 inch long reconstruction of Stegosaurus stenops. The upright posture will be one of the first things to draw the eye. It’s a refreshing twist on what is otherwise a very traditional dinosaur. Some may be skeptical as to whether this pose was anatomically feasible.
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