Brand: Aurora

Review: Allosaurus (Prehistoric Scenes by Aurora)

3.7 (11 votes)
Prehistoric Scenes is a line of model kits made by a company called Aurora between 1971 and 1975. Rather than having to use glue, one needed only to snap the many pieces together. Moreover, these massive models boasted quite a good bit of articulation. They have been reissued by Monogram and Revell many times over the decades, the latest being in 2015.

Review: Dimetrodon (Revell/Prehistoric scenes by Aurora)

3.5 (8 votes)

Aurora seemed to be quite an interesting line. Though showing most of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the form of movie monsters, they still provide great figures with articulation and scenery to match. Their models were later reissued by Revell, allowing people to get a selection of their models again.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Prehistoric Scenes by Aurora)

4.2 (26 votes)
Well, here we are at last, dear friends. After nearly two years of exploring the prehistoric plastic worlds of CollectA, Papo, Safari, Kenner, Lego, Playmobil, and various other companies, we’ve arrived at my 100th review for the Dinosaur Toy Blog! I’ve saved the biggest item in my collection for this very special occasion: the Aurora Prehistoric Scenes Tyrannosaurus rex!
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