Author: Himmapaan

Niroot (‘Himmapaan’ on the forum) is an illustrator with a love of the arts and natural history, who within the Mesozoic blogosphere may be recognised (possibly with distaste) for drawing such things as Triceratops on a tricycle and ornately caparisoned Olorotitan giving rides to fine folk. Niroot also contributes occasionally to Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, thereby gradually bringing that fine blog into disrepute; and has amassed more figures of all kinds of animals — including dinosaurs ancient and modern — than is sensible for someone of limited means and woefully insufficient space.

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Review: Dodo (Papo)

4.8 (14 votes)

The Dodo used to walk around,
And take the sun and air.
The sun yet warms his native ground –
The Dodo is not there!

The voice which used to squawk and squeak
Is now for ever dumb –
Yet may you see his bones and beak
All in the Mu-se-um.

Review: Diplodocus (Collecta)

4.4 (16 votes)
Guest review by Niroot Puttapipat (Himmapaan)
Diplodocids are largely represented in figure form by the ubiquitous Apatosaurus (or ‘generic-o-pod’, as a certain friend and esteemed colleague has it), with Diplodocus itself being relatively few in number. I greeted the news of the CollectA model with mixed feelings; glad that there is another to add to the list, but afraid, quite prejudicially, that it might disappoint.

Review: Leaellynasaura (Walking with Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.7 (10 votes)
Review by Niroot ‘Himmapaan’ Puttapipat
The first reader to name more than three good hypsilophodontid figures gets a bean bun.
The scarcity of this family of dinosaurs in toy and model form is still a puzzle to me and something I’d long lamented. I can’t be alone in prizing neat, understated elegance over the populist vulgarity of teeth and claws, surely?

Review: Oviraptor (Dinotales Series 5 by Kaiyodo)

4.9 (12 votes)
Review and photos by forumite Himmapaan
The Kaiyodo Dinotales Oviraptor displays all the usual qualities the manufacturer is well known for: up-to-date anatomical accuracy and beautiful craftsmanship all united in one tiny, commercially produced model. It is in fact one of the scarcer figures in the line, originally released in Japan as a promotional item accompanying a bottle of lemon drink.
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