Brand: Mattel

Tanystropheus (Jurassic World: Fierce Force by Mattel)

2.5 (13 votes)

Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

I, Emperor Dinobot, was not very surprised to hear that Mattel would make a Tanystropheus figure. They had already done genera such as Scutosaurus and Postosuchus, along with numerous other non-dinosaur figures.

Tapejara (Jurassic World Dino Rivals/Primal Attack Savage Strike by Mattel)

2.2 (51 votes)

Ever since I, Emperor Dinobot, managed to get most of my Jurassic pterosaurs on the ceiling, I made the reealization that doing so would make it impossible for me to review certain individuals, especially many of the repaints and retools Mattel has released in the last few years.

Tarbosaurus (Jurassic World: Massive Biters by Mattel)

3.1 (14 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

Tarbosaurus (alarming lizard) has only one officially recognised species, T. bataar, and was a large member of the tyrannosaur family that roamed Asia around 70 million years ago. Tarbosaurus had the smallest forelimbs relative to body size of all tyrannosaurids, and that’s saying something for a member of this group!

Therizinosaurus (Jurassic World: Dominion, Sound Slashin’ by Mattel)

4 (20 votes)

The Mattel Therizinosaurus we’re looking at today is among the most highly anticipated toys of the Jurassic World: Dominion line, and it makes sense. Although we’ve only seen fleeting glimpses of it, we know the herbivorous theropod will have a starring role in Jurassic World: Dominion.

Track and Explore Vehicle Set (Jurassic Park, ’93 Classic by Mattel)

3.6 (49 votes)

Coming up with something to review for Jurassic Park’s much hyped 30th anniversary was no easy task, simply because we’ve been reviewing Jurassic Park toys on this blog steadily for the last five years, thanks to Mattel. What could we possibly feature on the blog that would live up to the grandeur of toys like the Legacy Brachiosaurus and Hammond Collection T.

Triceratops (Jurassic Park, Hammond Collection by Mattel)

4 (22 votes)

This one was always my favorite when I was a kid. And now I’ve seen one, it’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw.”

Those words from Alan Grant resonated with me upon my first viewing of Jurassic Park, because like Alan Grant, Triceratops was my childhood favorite too.

Triceratops (Jurassic World Duel Attack by Mattel)

3.3 (8 votes)

This review might come across as being a tad redundant because the toy we’re looking at today is basically a re-tool of another toy already reviewed, the Roarivores Triceratops. There are oodles of other Jurassic World toys that still need reviews and this one is admittedly not terribly exciting.

Triceratops (Jurassic World: Roar Strikers by Mattel)

The face of a Triceratops toy action figure by Mattel

3.2 (26 votes)

Triceratops is, as we all know full well, the most familiar and famous of all the ceratopsians by far. Here on the DTB, it is the second most reviewed genus after Tyrannosaurus rex. And, of course, its appearance in the original Jurassic Park film is quite unforgettable.

Triceratops (Roarivores)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

3.6 (8 votes)

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Review and photos by Emperor Dinobot, edited by Suspsy
Continuing with my reviews of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Roarivores, we now have the Triceratops!

Tupandactylus (Jurassic World, Dino Trackers Danger Pack by Hasbro)

2.2 (52 votes)

Here I am, Emperor Dinobot, offering thee another Mattel pterosaur review, this time of Tupandactylus.

Tupandactylus, formerly known as Tapejara, hails from the Cretaceous fossil rich Brazil. It was reclassified into Tupandactylus imperator and T. navigans in 2007 as it was found to warrant its own genus.

Tyrannosaurus (Electronic Real Feel, Jurassic Park ’93 Classic by Mattel)

3.3 (118 votes)

Last year, when I wrote my review for the Hammond Collection T. rex I stated that, “I can finally say with some degree of confidence that I will never buy another Mattel T. rex, certainly not from the main line.” Well, I guess I’ll have to eat those words, because here we are.

Tyrannosaurus (Jurassic Park, Hammond Collection by Mattel)

4.7 (84 votes)

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park and in those past 30 years we’ve seen a plethora of movies, books, video games, toys, and other merchandise come along to capitalize on a film that has now become a timeless classic and a part of the pop culture zeitgeist.

Tyrannosaurus (Jurassic World Snap Squad by Mattel)

3.4 (10 votes)

Forget the Amber Collection Velociraptor, Destroy ‘N Devour Indominus, or Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus. THIS is the Jurassic World toy to get. Joking aside this Snap Squad Tyrannosaurus really is the most fun I’ve had with a Jurassic World toy so far.

Tyrannosaurus rex (Battle Damage)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.4 (28 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
So, the time has come to review my first Jurassic World toy from Mattel. I have chosen the Battle Damage Tyrannosaurus rex that comes with a Monolophosaurus, which is exclusive to Walmart in North America.
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