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Review: Discovery Kids Smart Animals 4-Set (Jakks)

3 (3 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
The objective of many lines of dinosaur figures (aside from making money) is to educate children and adults alike about extinct animals. In the last ten years, many lines have been integrated with modern technology to give children more information on dinosaurs besides a 3D view of these animals.

Review: Gigantspinosaurus (Prehistoric World by CollectA)

4.5 (17 votes)
It’s no secret that the stegosauria were an odd bunch of dinosaurs, one that we perhaps take for granted given the popularity of one genus in particular; Stegosaurus. But Stegosaurus is but one of many, and for whatever reason the other genera of this unique clade have never gained in popularity like the admittedly charismatic Stegosaurus.

Review: Halfbaby Dinosaur Set (Yantai, distributed by Learnplay Inc.)

3.3 (9 votes)

Review and photos by Charles Peckham, edited by Suspsy

Trying to find information about either the creator of these toys, a Chinese company named Yantai, or their American distributor, Learnplay Inc., isn’t easy. According to one of the few sources I was able to find, Yantai has been around since 2011 and their Halftoy line is just one of hundreds of designs they have made.

Review: Hesperosaurus ( Cesar Gomez)

4.8 (12 votes)

For decades, Stegosaurus was( and still is) the most famous of all the Stegosaurid family, its the first one that people know when asked to name one from this fascinating group. Over the last decade, some of it’s relatives started to gain some fame, species like Kentrosaurus has become a regular fixture in art as well as in the toy model world as well as pop culture.

Review: Hesperosaurus (Jurassic World: Wild Roar by Mattel)

3.7 (18 votes)

Pop quiz: which Upper Jurassic dinosaur from the famous Morrison Formation of North America had two rows of large plates on its back and four long spikes on its tail? I reckon the majority of respondents would immediately say that the answer is Stegosaurus, and of course, they wouldn’t be wrong.

Review: Huayangosaurus (Dinotales series 7 by Kaiyodo)

4.4 (9 votes)
This spikey Chinese stegosaur is hugely detailed for such a tiny figure (about 8 cm long). Kaiyodo has this down to an art and their figures are often tiny but very detailed and highly accurate. The Huayangosaurus figure is part of Kayodo’s Dinotales line, specifically from  Series 7, the most recent release.
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Review: Jurassic World Dominion Minis part 1 (Jurassic World by Mattel)

3.5 (14 votes)

The Jurassic Park/World has had it’s fair share of miniature dino models, from the original metal ones to hard plastic. Now Jurassic World Dominion brings hard (ish) rubber, safer for siblings, and we see one and two packs of minis, giving plenty of material to review. But how to cover them?

Review: Jurassic World Minifigures (Hasbro)

1.7 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan ‘Takama’ Morris, edited by amargasaurus cazaui and Suspsy
The latest installment of the Jurassic Park franchise has finally hit theaters at the time of this writing. While we continue to discuss what we liked and disliked about the movie on the forum, I thought it would be a great time to tackle my first review of JP merchandise for the blog.

Review: Kentrosaurus (4D Puzzle by Fame Master)

2.7 (3 votes)
Poor Kentrosaurus, it always plays second fiddle to its larger cousin Stegosaurus.  Still, the genus has proved popular enough to be reproduced as a toy in several instances. And oddly enough, most of them have proved to be great representations. Safari, CollectA, Tyco, and even Schleich have all produced some outstanding Kentrosaurus figures.

Review: Kentrosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

4 (16 votes)
As a hungry allosaur appears from the brush, Sethi abandons his breakfast and adopts a fighting stance. The predator moves in quickly, but Sethi responds by swinging his great tail in a full arc. The swooshing sound and flashing spikes give the allosaur pause, but then it resumes its advance.

Review: Kentrosaurus (CollectA)

4.2 (13 votes)
Review and photographs by Tallin, edited by Plesiosauria.
Kentrosaurus aethiopicus, the ‘sharp point’ or ‘prickle’ lizard, is one of the better known members of the stegosaur family, and though vastly overshadowed by its American cousin – Stegosaurus stenops – it has still managed to have several representations in toy form.

Review: Kentrosaurus (Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

4.6 (8 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
Kentrosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that almost everyone in this community has heard of, as it’s basically a cousin of Stegosaurus with more spikes and spines coming out of its shoulders. It may have been smaller than Stegosaurus, but that did not mean that it was not potentially dangerous, as the animal had enough spikes to take on even the largest of predators.

Review: Kentrosaurus (DinoWaurs Survival)

4.1 (7 votes)

Once more, we head to the DinoWaurs Survival line, this time investigating a member of the Stegosaurs added to the line, and the first figure of this line I bought: Kentrosaurus. From the Kimmeridgian of Tanzania, this Stegosaur is often thought of as primitive, but recent studies suggest it is more derived and closer related to Stegosaurus itself.

Review: Kentrosaurus (Electronic Deluxe by Chap Mei)

2.3 (12 votes)
As Styracosaurus is to Triceratops, Kentrosaurus is to Stegosaurus. This thorny little thyreophoran would have been a risky meal for any Jurassic predator.

Chap Mei’s electronic Kentrosaurus figure measures just under 28 cm long and stands 15.5 cm at the tip of its back plates.

Review: Kentrosaurus (Jurassic World Dino-Escape, Roar Attack by Mattel)

3.6 (16 votes)

With the addition of a re-sculpted Stegosaurus, Chialingosaurus, and now this Kentrosaurus to the line, Mattel has given the stegosauria clade much love this year. Until now the only member of this group represented in the line was the 2018 Stegosaurus and its re-paint.

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