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Stegosaur (Lost Kingdoms Series B by Yowie)

2.3 (4 votes)

Yowie has a very interesting and vast collection of prehistoric critters in their lines, though some have been a pain to write up owing to the lack of material to discuss accuracy with. However, at least most of these had something to go off. This figure, however, is so vague in it’s written material that it is odd that it was included: Yowie’s Stegosaur.

Wuerhosaurus (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

4.1 (9 votes)
A wide variety of stegosaurs once inhabited North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, but Wuerhosaurus is the only one currently known to have survived all the way into the Early Cretaceous period. Unfortunately, few fossils of this intriguing Chinese animal have been uncovered to date.

Xana the Wuerhosaurus measures just over 8 cm long.

Wuerhosaurus (CollectA)

2.1 (9 votes)

When I place the 2009 CollectA Wuerhosaurus on the table in front of me, it is easy to see that the look of it is on the rather plain side.   It is neither edgy or over stylized which is typical of CollectA prehistoric line up at that time.  It looks similar to your typical Stegosauridae with the long hind limbs, an elevated, and horizontal tail that ends in its thagomizer spikes.

Wuerhosaurus (Vitae)

4.5 (6 votes)

Wuerhosaurus is one of those obscure names I often saw in books as a kid, but mostly just to complete an alphabet of dinosaur names. We don’t know exactly what this fragmentary stegosaur looked like, but Vitae’s model is well-detailed and adequately accurate for our current understanding.

Known only from fragmentary remains, Wuerhosaurus was one of the last-living members of the stegosaur family, hailing from the Early Cretaceous.

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