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Review: Dakosaurus (PNSO)

4.3 (31 votes)

Dakosaurus means “biter lizard,” a most appropriate name for any metriorhynchid. There are currently two recognized species: D. maximus from throughout Europe and D. andiniensis from Argentina. Unlike other metriorhynchids, D. andiniensis possessed a noticeably short, deep snout, which has led it to be nicknamed “Godzilla.” It is also the geologically youngest known metriorhynchid, hailing from the Early Cretaceous as well as the Late Jurassic.

Review: Prehistoric crocodiles (Toob by Safari Ltd)

4.8 (17 votes)
Having recently familiarised ourselves with the prehistoric sharks ‘toob’ by Safari Ltd, let’s now pour out the contents of a different toob. This time it’s the turn of the prehistoric crocodiles. Before we begin though, be aware that strictly speaking, many of the species in this set aren’t true crocodiles, as the toob contains a taxonomic mish-mash of non-dinosaurian reptiles.
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