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Review: Sauropelta (Jurassic World: Fierce Force by Mattel)

3 (14 votes)

Alas, nodosaurids will probably never be as famous and popular as their cousins the ankylosaurids, undoubtedly due to their narrower, less intimidating heads and their lack of bone-breaking tail clubs. Still, almost all of the major dinosaur toy companies have produced at least one nodosaurid over the years, and these have generally ranged from being pretty good to truly magnificent.

Review: Sauropelta (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

3.2 (10 votes)
Sauropelta was a basal nodosaurid from the Early Cretaceous of North America, dating to around 115 million years ago. The name means “lizard shield”, pertaining to its intricate body armor. Compared to later, larger armored dinosaurs like Ankylosaurus, Sauropelta was a relatively small animal at roughly 16.5 feet long.

Review: Sauropelta (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

4.8 (24 votes)
Between marauding packs of Deinonychus and the hulking Acrocanthosaurus, the nodosaurid Sauropelta lived in extremely dangerous times. Fortunately, the “lizard shield” was more than capable of defending itself.

The 2015 Wild Safari Sauropelta measures 19 cm long from nose to tail tip.

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