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Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2012)

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Ah CollectA, what did we ever do without you?  CollectA have pushed out the boat once more with another bona fide bonanza of new figures for us in 2012. Their massive line up of 21 new sculpts will add considerable taxonomic diversity to their ranks, but more than that, CollectA has raised its game with a clear increase in quality to match quantity.

Upcoming releases from CollectA (New for 2014)

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So, CollectA have done it yet again! They’ve announced more 2014 figures than you can shake a cycad leaf at. So, as has become dinotoyblog tradition, let’s summarise the news here for posterity. The 12 new prehistoric critter models being released by CollectA this year, are, in alphabetical order:




Ichthyovenator with fish


Quetzalcoatlus with baby sauropod


Stegosaurus corpse


Tyrannosaurus juvenile


Some of these look smashing, but I’ll reserve commenting on these figures until they are released and reviewed properly on the dinotoyblog.

Utahceratops (CollectA)

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History: Since this a relatively newly discovered (2000), and described (2010) ceratopsid species, I’ll present some background. If you’re not interested just skip ahead. Utahceratops Gettyiis a large, robust ceratopsian dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period in southern Larmidia which is now approximately Utah in Western North America.

Utahraptor (CollectA)

2.9 (8 votes)
Review and photographs by Tallin, edited by Plesiosauria.
As one of the largest of the dromaeosaurids, Utahraptor ostrommaysorum perhaps first garnered significant public attention after starring in the 1999 animated documentary, Walking with Dinosaurs. Since this time, the scientifically accepted appearance of this 7m theropod has changed considerably, as more evidence has been unearthed supporting the idea that this creature was fully feathered – much like its far smaller kin.

Velociraptor (Deluxe)(Procon/CollectA)

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At long last, we come to CollectA’s first effort to bring the ever-popular Maniraptora clade to their generously proportioned Deluxe line. It’s hard to go wrong with Velociraptor; the name is known throughout the world, and the basic body plan remains recognizable despite the efforts of a certain motion picture.

Velociraptor (Procon/CollectA)

1.8 (9 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan Morris (‘Takama’). Edited by Plesiosauria.
Velociraptor is a true staple when it comes to dinosaurs. It has appeared in countless books and visual media, which has caused almost every toy company to produce one at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately, almost every company churned out another scaly and outdated lizard-like creature.

Williamsonia (CollectA)

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Thought I’d take a stab at reviewing a prehistoric plant for the first time. Let’s take a look at Williamsonia, a member of the order of Bennettitales, or cycadeoids. Bennettitales were an order of seed plants that first arose during the Triassic and then flourished all the way until the end of the Cretaceous.

Woolly Mammoth (Adult and Calf)(CollectA)

4.2 (13 votes)
Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy

Today, our little furry friend decided that he missed his Ice Age co-stars and so he decided to travel back to that time and meet up with one of the big stars!
Love it or not, you have to admire the level of popularity and recognition that the woolly mammoth have achieved in the toy industry as well as popular culture.

Wuerhosaurus (CollectA)

2.1 (9 votes)

When I place the 2009 CollectA Wuerhosaurus on the table in front of me, it is easy to see that the look of it is on the rather plain side.   It is neither edgy or over stylized which is typical of CollectA prehistoric line up at that time.  It looks similar to your typical Stegosauridae with the long hind limbs, an elevated, and horizontal tail that ends in its thagomizer spikes.

Xenoceratops (CollectA)

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Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Plesiosauria.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that CollectA has chosen yet another obscure species to join their expanding herd of ceratopsians. Meet Xenoceratops foremostensis – “alien horned-face”. Released as part of CollectA’s 2014 standard-sized figures, this late Cretaceous centrosaurine ceratopsian was first unearthed in 1958, but was just recently described as a new species.

Xiongguanlong (CollectA)

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Discovered in China in 2006, the tiger-sized Xiongguanlong represents a “missing link” of sorts between diminutive tyrannosauroids like Dilong and gargantuan tyrannosaurids like T. rex.

The 2015 CollectA Xiongguanlong measures 10 cm long and is 6 cm tall including the raised tail. This makes it by far the smallest figure in the 2015 assortment.

Xiphactinus (Deluxe Prehistoric Models by CollectA)

4.9 (23 votes)

For collectors of prehistoric fishes 2021 has been a banner year, it saw the release of several toy fishes and two of them weren’t an O. megalodon or Dunkleosteus. Astonishing! Of course, we got those too. Papo tackled the meg. and PNSO released their own Dunkleosteus. But the real headliners were the Helicoprion by PNSO and the subject of today’s review, the Xiphactinus by CollectA.

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