Brand: Cyberzoic

Cyberzoic Kickstarter Funded!

Cyberzoic group painting

3.8 (21 votes)

Yes, after a mere three days, the Cyberzoic Kickstarter succeeded in passing its goal of $205,000 US, thereby guaranteeing that Allosaurus, the Smilodon, and the Ice Dragon will go into production! You can read David Silva’s happy response here.

Artwork by Lewis LaRosa and Sunny Gho.

But there’s still stretch goals to be achieved, including the Achillobator and the newly revealed Desert Clan Deinonychus with its brilliant blue wings!

Cyberzoic Kickstarter Launches!

Cyberzoic group shot.

3.9 (46 votes)

Cyberzoic is Creative Beast Studio’s latest endeavour, an intriguing blend of paleontology, science fiction, and fantasy in which advanced human tribes on another planet in the distant future are waging war on one another with alien dragons and high tech armoured beasts from prehistory! The Kickstarter officially launched as of today and you can find all the relevant information on the website.

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