Brand: Paleo Pals

Review: Dusty the Diplocaulus (Paleo Pals)

4.9 (8 votes)
“I dig these things.”
Dr. Robert Bakker was speaking more literally than figuratively when making the above statement regarding the genus in question (he has excavated numerous fossils of this particular animal), but there is also a genuine seal of approval in there from the esteemed paleontologist.

Review: Opabinia “Oakley” (Paleo Pals)

4.9 (7 votes)

However you look at it, Opabinia was a remarkably odd-looking creature – so it’s a natural choice for a big cuddly plush toy, right?

I’m guessing most people wouldn’t look at a five-eyed worm with a snaggle-toothed trunk and react with, “Aw, how cute!” Granted, most people aren’t paleontology nerds, either, so your mileage may vary in perspective.

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