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Australovenator (Australian Age of Dinosaurs and Minizoo)

4.3 (12 votes)
Review and photos by Triceratops83, edited by Suspsy
Australovenator wintonensis is a megaraptoran theropod from Queensland and is Australia’s best known theropod from good remains. It comes from the Winton Formation which in the Early Cretaceous was a system of rivers and forests on the edge of the inland Eromaga Sea.

Australovenator (CollectA)

2.8 (11 votes)
Review and photos by forumite ‘australovenator’ (edited by Marc (Horridus))
CollectA’s lineup for 2011 featured a good handful of obscure dinosaurs for us collectors to be excited about. Being an Australian however, one creature on that list got me into a fan boy frenzy. That creature would be none other than good old Australovenator wintonensis.
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