Brand: Dinos of China

Mamenchisaurus (Dinosaurs of China by Safari Ltd.)

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Review and Photographs by Quentin Brendel (aka Pachyrhinosaurus).
Having appeared in the film The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Mamenchisaurus is commonly known as the dinosaur with the longest neck. While this may not have been true due to fossils which have yet to be discovered or named, the Mamenchisaurus by Safari LTD has an enormously long neck compared to its body.

Therizinosaurus (Dinosaurs of China by Safari Ltd.)

3.3 (10 votes)
The year 1993 was a big year for dinosaur fanatics, the most obvious reason being the release of Jurassic Park in June of that year. It is difficult for me, and likely others of my generation, to grasp just how long ago that was and how much has changed since.
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