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Review: Hyaenodon (AAA)

3.5 (8 votes)
Review and photos by Mihnea (Wildheart)
Existing for approximately 26 million years, Hyaenodonts were some of the largest predators of the Late Eocene and Early Miocene epochs. Their name comes from the sharp hyena-like teeth used to tear apart possible prey. The skulls of these animals were huge and well equipped for hunting, but their brains were quite small, something typical in primitive carnivorous mammals.

Review: Hyaenodon (Mojö Fun)

4.8 (8 votes)

Hyaenodon was an interesting predatory animal that first evolved 42 million years ago and lived from the Late Eocene through to Early Miocene. The first thing to know about them is that they are not related to hyenas. In fact, they were a creodont, ‬ a long extinct group of mammals that did not survive the Miocene.

Review: Hyaenodon gigas(Wild Safari Prehistoric World by, Safari Ltd)

5 (9 votes)

For over 25 million years Hyaenodons hunted across Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.  They were formidable predators that had oversized jaws.  When hunting they would have probably ambush their prey with a quick rush, grab on to the head or neck with that impressive maw, and secure the kill.   

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