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Dakotaraptor (Dinosaurs in the Wild by IVS Group Ltd.)

4.5 (4 votes)

Review and photos by Patrx

The publication of Dakotaraptor steini by DePalma et al. in 2015 was a pretty exciting thing. Dakotaraptor is a large (about five and one-half metres long) dromaeosaurine from the well-studied Hell Creek formation of North America. Proportioned more like the famous Deinonychus than the stocky Utahraptor, Dakotaraptor made quite an impression on casual and die-hard dinosaur fans alike, and the fact that its publication included a beautiful reconstruction by Emily Willoughby helped promote current ideas of what dromaeosaurs looked like in life.

Dakotaraptor (Paleo-Creatures)

4.3 (7 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

When I got back into dinosaurs in the mid-2010s, there were really only two criteria for becoming a paleontological sensation: having feathers and being big. Aside from having both, Dakotaraptor steini also lived alongside the famous fauna of the Hell Creek Formation, making it quite the superstar for a while.

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