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Deinosuchus (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd)

4.3 (20 votes)
Review by Cordylus, photos by Plesiosauria
There aren’t many prehistoric crocodilian figures, but out of the very few there are, the Carnegie Collection Deinosuchus stands out.

Deinosuchus was a big alligator (well technically it wasn’t an alligator- but it was more closely related to alligators than to crocodiles) from prehistoric Texas.

Deinosuchus (Recur)

3.8 (26 votes)
Deinosuchus was a giant alligatoroid (which is NOT the same as an alligator!) that inhabited the coasts of North America around 80 to 73 million years ago. Along with Purussaurus from South America and Sarcosuchus from Africa, it’s a contender for the title of Biggest Crocodyliforme Ever.

Deinosuchus vs. Parasaurolophus Diorama (Dinosauria by Sideshow)

3.3 (12 votes)
Review by Dan Liebman of
Photos by Jeremy Killian
The fifth entry in Sideshow’s Dinosauria line features a predation scene like many others, yet with only a single true dinosaur. Deinosuchus vs. Parasaurolophus looks to be an almost classical depiction of violence in the natural world, the massive jaws of a monstrous crocodilian clamping down on a hapless creature that was presumably ambushed while drinking at the water’s edge.
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