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Review: Tullimonstrum (Paleo-Creatures)

4.3 (7 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

Ever since it was discovered by Francis Tully in 1955, Tullimonstrum has both intrigued and confused. The animal’s common name, “Tully Monster,” is a reference to its confusing collection of body parts. With its bizarre appendage ending in a claw-like mouth and simple eyes at the end of stalks, this doesn’t look like anything alive today.

Review: Tullimonstrum (Tully Monster) (Paleozoic Pals)

5 (7 votes)

While prehistoric animals like Tyrannosaurus, Pteranodon, or woolly mammoths dominate the mainstream media and public imagination they are to be fair, kind of boring. Hear me out, I love my giant reptiles and Pleisotocene megafauna as much as the rest of you but let’s be honest, they’re all fairly straightforward.

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