Brand: Paleozoic Pals

Review: Ammonoid (Paleozoic Pals)

4.8 (5 votes)
First off, just to get it out of the way, this is not an ammonite. This is an ammonoid, the broader group to which ammonites belong. While ammonites lived through the Jurassic and Cretaceous the group ammonoidea first appeared 400 million years ago in the Devonian. Thus, here we have a plush ammonoid, not an ammonite which would have no place in a line of toys representing Paleozoic fauna.

Review: Eurypterid (Eurypterus remipes) (Paleozoic Pals)

5 (6 votes)
Eurypterids, popularly known as “sea scorpions” are among the more charismatic of extinct invertebrates, and rightly so. Although they weren’t true scorpions these aquatic arthropods were an extremely successful group of predators that dominated both fresh and saltwater environments between 470–252 million years ago. Although most only reached about 8” the largest genus (Jaekelopterus) reached 8’, making them the largest arthropods to have ever lived.

Review: Orthoceras (Paleozoic Pals)

4.9 (10 votes)

Paleozoic Pals is a line of plush toys commissioned by the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) and sold at the Museum of the Earth, located in Ithaca, New York. Since its launch in 2015 the line has done quite well, and now has 13 distinct plush toys to its name (as well as slippers, a body pillow, and other merchandise) with more on the way.

Review: Trilobite (Isotelus maximus) (Paleozoic Pals)

4.7 (7 votes)

The Paleozoic Pals line of plush Paleozoic fauna has really taken off over the last five years, releasing two plush toys a year since they began in 2015. It was my hope that I would be able to keep up with them through these reviews but having moved away from the Museum of the Earth where they’re sold I’ve fallen a bit behind.

Review: Tullimonstrum (Tully Monster) (Paleozoic Pals)

5 (7 votes)

While prehistoric animals like Tyrannosaurus, Pteranodon, or woolly mammoths dominate the mainstream media and public imagination they are to be fair, kind of boring. Hear me out, I love my giant reptiles and Pleisotocene megafauna as much as the rest of you but let’s be honest, they’re all fairly straightforward.

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