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Review: Tupuxuara (Sideshow Dinosauria)

5 (3 votes)
Review by Dan, Photos by Jeremy
After a slight delay, Sideshow has finally released their first Dinosauria statue of 2011. They have elected to market the statue under the name “Tupuxuara – Pterodactyl,” likely to foster recognition among mainstream demographics. Fortunately, the Tupuxuara is indeed a pterodactyloid, a term that would furrow fewer brows than a separate suborder such as “rhamphorhynchoidea.” Tupuxuara is also considered a member of the popular Tapejarid family, strongly associated with elaborate cranial crests.

Review: Tupuxuara Skeleton Kit (Boneyard Pets)

3.8 (6 votes)
If you’re around my age, you probably remember the old balsa wood dinosaur skeleton kits. After inhaling all the sawdust from sanding and pulling the splinters out of your fingers, you had a fairly serviceable model that didn’t even require glue to assemble (assuming the cheap wood didn’t break apart, which it often did).
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