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Indohyus Growing up in the late 1990s and early 2000s was great for moulding me into a dino fan. Jurassic park films were fresh, and even better, the ‘Walking With’ trilogy was produced. I watched ‘Dinosaurs’ and then ‘Beasts’. Especially ‘Beasts’. From there, I went on digs across the U.K., and eventually got my degree in palaeontology from Portsmouth university. I am (at the time of writing this) doing my masters in anthropology and museum studies, hoping to become a curator. My love of plastic extinct animals is as strong as ever, and I dare say it will only get stronger!

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Review: Megatherium (Prehistoric Mammals by Schleich)

4.3 (7 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
In many ways, the giant ground sloths are similar to prosauropods in that they are a familiar group, but only one member gets love in toy form. The other group of giant xenarthrans, the glyptodonts, tend get at least get two representatives, but only Megatherium gets a toy form among giant ground sloths.

Review: Woolly Mammoth (AAA)

3.4 (9 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Mammuthus primigenius, the fabled woolly mammoth, is an iconic Ice Age animal well known around the world, a symbol of the amazing adaptability of mammals. This mighty beast is the first prehistoric mammal to be immortalized in plastic by toy companies.

Review: Smilodon (AAA)

3.7 (7 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Smilodon. Whether it’s populator, fatalis, or gracilis, one thing is certain: this was a powerful felid, the epitome of ancient mammal predators. Originally from North America, then successfully emigrating to South America during the Great Faunal Interchange, there are few who haven’t heard of this mighty mammal, especially for its 28 cm sabre teeth.

Review: Woolly rhinoceros (Starlux)

3.9 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
As mentioned in my last review, Coelodonta, or the woolly rhino, is one of the first extinct mammals that most companies will make into a figurine, after the woolly mammoth and Smilodon. This includes the grandfather of all prehistoric toy lines: Starlux.
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