Brand: Dinotopia

Review: Maiasaura “Lil’ Hadro” (Dinotopia by Accent International)

4.8 (8 votes)

Review and photographs by Loon, edited by Suspsy.

We return to the land apart from time to review the second Dinotopia plush released by Accent International in 1993, “Lil’ Hadro.” This is certainly an odd choice by Accent, as no character named “Lil’ Hadro” appears in any of the books.

Review: Protoceratops “Bix” (Dinotopia by Accent International)

4.6 (7 votes)

Review and photos by Loon, edited by Suspsy

Released in 1992, James Gurney’s book Dinotopia follows the shipwrecked scientist Arthur Denison and his son Will as they journey through the titular island, where dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals escaped extinction and coexist with humanity. This book was extremely popular during the 1990s, garnering sequels, prequels, all sorts of merchandise, a computer game, and at one point, was going to be adapted into a Hollywood movie by Sony. That didn’t pan out, but Disney did end up producing a TV miniseries in 2002.

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