Brand: Sonokong

Anomalocaris (Dino Mecard by Sono Kong)

3.3 (4 votes)
Review and photos by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy
This is a review of the Anomalocaris figure in the Dino Mecard line by the Korean company Sono Kong, in conjunction with Choirock. Figures in this line appear to be based on a TV show and corresponding card game, similar to Dinosaur King or Pokemon.

Armadillosuchus (Dino Mecard by Sono Kong)

3.7 (3 votes)

There are only about 22 species of crocodilians now living, but they belong to a much larger and more ecologically diverse group called Pseudosuchia. Pseudosuchia includes the living crocodiles and gharials as well as the crocodile stem-group, namely the vast array of extinct animals more closely related to crocodilians than to birds.

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