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Caudipteryx (Carnegie Collection by Safari Ltd.)

4.3 (17 votes)
It’s a bird…it’s a dinosaur…it’s possibly both. It’s the Carnegie Caudipteryx! Although reviewed briefly in 2007 it’s time this stunning oviraptorosaur got the more in depth treatment it deserves. Released in 2006 with several other feathered representations of China’s Yikian formation, this is Carnegie’s take on the small theropod that remains one of the best feathered dinosaur models available.

Feathered Dinos Tube (Safari Ltd)

3.9 (16 votes)
Safari Ltd have produced several tubes (or ‘toobs’ as they call them) that contain a diverse selection of mini-dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. These tubes are a great choice for the indecisive amongst us. Why pick one single large dinosaur when you can get an entire tube of small dinosaurs for the same price.
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