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Review: Cambrian Creatures Mini Model Collection (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.9 (10 votes)

Review and photos by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy

Today, we will be looking at an overview of the Cambrian Creatures Mini Model collection released by Favorite Co. Ltd. in 2016. It consists of eight smaller models representing primarily Cambrian invertebrates along with one chordate. All the species presented have been found in the Burgess Shale deposits in North America.

Review: Hallucigenia (Kaiyodo vs. Trilobiti Design)

5 (7 votes)

Review and images by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy

Today we are going to look at the history of the enigmatic Cambrian animal Hallucigenia sparsa, by comparing an older, outdated model with one depicting the most recent concept of this species.

Hallucigenia sparsa was first described by Charles Doolittle Walcott as a polychaete worm in the genus Canadia.

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