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Review: Megalosaurus (2021)(CollectA)

4.6 (38 votes)

No one knows when precisely humans first discovered the fossilized remains of dinosaurs. Indigenous North Americans probably came across them in places now called Alberta or South Dakota or Utah. In China, “dragon bones” were recorded as being discovered all the way back during the Western Jin Dynasty between 265 and 316 AD.

Review: Megalosaurus (Invicta)

4.8 (18 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
When I first discovered the Dinosaur Toy Blog back in 2010, I was amazed at the number of different dinosaur toy lines that have been made over the decades which I never heard of until that point. The most noteworthy of these lines were Papo and CollectA.

Review: Megalosaurus (Natural History Museum by Toyway)

2.4 (7 votes)

History:  166 million years ago during the middle Jurassic a predator named Megalosaurus prowled England.  In 1824 it became the first non-avian dinosaur to have a validly named genus.  From there its popularity grew and became a widely known dinosaur celebrity.  It received top billing at Crystal Palace Park where it was one of the three mascot dinosaurs. 

Review: Megalosaurus (painted version by Invicta)

4.4 (34 votes)

It is a gray winter day in Jurassic England as the great reptile patrols the forest’s edge. The hunter’s stride seems sluggish at a glance – indeed, the weather is unusually cold this year, and most normal reptiles would have succumbed to the dismal temperatures already. The great hunter is no normal reptile, however.

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