Brand: Monster in my Pocket

Review: Apatosaurus (Monster In My Pocket by Matchbox, Series 6)

3.7 (6 votes)

Review and photos by Funk, edited by Suspsy

Monster In My Pocket was a line of small collectible figures in bright colours, all depicting monsters of some kind. The line seems to have had several series consisting of or including prehistoric animals, and the one here, the Apatosaurus, is from Series 6, which appears to have been released in 1993, during the “Dinomania” craze that followed in Jurassic Park‘s wake.

Review: Loch Ness Monster (Monsters in My Pocket by Matchbox, Series 2)

2.1 (7 votes)

Monsters in My Pocket was a toy franchise that started in the 80s that consisted of a series of small, rubber figures. These figures were each only a few inches tall and could each come in a variety of solid colors. What makes this toy line special is that each figure is modeled after a certain creature that exists in some sort of real culture.

Review: Spinosaurus (Monster In My Pocket by Matchbox, Series 6)

2.4 (19 votes)

After four series the Monster in my Pocket line began to run out of actual monsters to make, and began to take inspiration from the real world instead. Series five was a line of ‘Super Creepies’, essentially an array of extant bugs and other creepy crawlies, and series six turned its attention to dinosaurs in 1993 – that’s the line we’re all interested in here.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Monster in my Pocket by Matchbox, Series 1)

2.3 (12 votes)

I thought I’d review something a little different for a change. As a kid I was fascinated by the original Monster in my Pocket and managed to collect them all. After the first couple of series the lines started to go downhill though and I eventually lost interest.

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