Brand: Papo

Velociraptor (Feathered Version by Papo)

5 (116 votes)
Review and photos by Patrx, edited by Suspsy
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If ever there was a dinosaur in need of a public relations team, it’s Velociraptor. It seems no matter how far we march into the feathery future, the poor protobird still seems to have one sickle-clawed toe in the past, and this is particularly evident in the area of toys and collectibles.

Velociraptor (Papo)

3.3 (16 votes)
Up for review is yet another Papo dinosaur – Velociraptor. This figure is largely praised in the dinosaur toy collecting community, as is the real Velociraptor itself!

Unfortunately, most aspects of this Velociraptor are wrong. The tail is too short and curved, the arms are awkwardly pronated, the tibias seem a little too long, and there’s no feathers – all very un-dromeosaurid like features.

Woolly Mammoth (Papo)

4.1 (9 votes)

The famous Pleistocene pachyderm, Woolly Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius, is the one mammal that has been a pillar of toy lines, produced many times by many different companies, and in many poses.  In 2009 Papo replaced their dramatic running mammoth, with a peaceful placid version.
Most of the populace knows something about the mammoth, but indulge me for a moment to highlight the important points of the animal. 

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