Brand: Papo

Review: Pachycephalosaurus (Papo)

3.4 (16 votes)
Papo are much-loved for their highly detailed, Jurassic Park resemblin’ line of prehistoric creature figures; any number of them are perfect lookalikes of their movie counterparts, right down to the smallest inaccuracy. So it is too with this little marginocephalian fella, the Papo Pachycephalosaurus, perhaps one of the most overlooked members of the line.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Papo)

3.5 (22 votes)
Until the release of their Allosaurus, Papo’s prehistorics garnered attention mainly for being remarkable facsimiles of their Jurassic Park counterparts. However, even before Papo’s own Big Al hit the scene the company had released a sculpt not obviously based on a JP creature – this often-overlooked Parasaurolophus (dated 2005) at about 1:35 scale.

Review: Pentaceratops (Papo)

4.7 (50 votes)

Review and photos by H. Sanchez, edited by Suspsy

Pentaceratops is a fairly well-known dinosaur, although not very represented in toy form. The most prominent one up until now is the one by Schleich. Today we will be reviewing this 2019 model by Papo. While it is true that it was not liked by many people at first due to the bipedal pose, I never thought of not acquiring it.

Review: Polacanthus (Papo)

3.5 (20 votes)

The Early Cretaceous Wessex formation in England is rich in vertebrate fossils, including dinosaurs like Baryonyx and Iguanodon, pterosaurs like Caulkicephalus, many kinds of fish, and even some fragments of small mammals. Today we’ll take a look at one of the most heavily armored denizens of Early Cretaceous Eurasia, Polacanthus, as depicted by Papo.

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Review: Pteranodon (Papo)

2.7 (27 votes)
This figure is obviously based on the pterosaurs in Jurassic park 3 and, most egregiously, the creature has teeth. Interestingly, and pertinent to the very nature of this blog, there is an interesting story relevant to this figure…

Many cheap dinosaurs (known as ‘Chinasaurs’ in the dinosaur toy collecting community because they are typically manufactured there) have a habit of adding vicious teeth to each and every species of prehistoric creature, predatory stegosaurs and triceratops abound for example, and Pteranodons; the name means ‘winged and (ironically) toothless’, with a ferocious maw.

Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Papo)

4.1 (19 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

In what will one day be known as the Southern United States, vast herds of dinosaurs once roamed this desolate and hauntingly beautiful landscape.Large and small dinosaurs dotted the landscape, some moving in large herd while others like the huge sauropod Alamosaurus tower over them as they slowly make their way across the plains.

Review: Smilodon Roaring (Papo)

2.2 (6 votes)

During the night, an old hulking Smilodon had spotted a baby mammoth that had wondered away from its mother.  It attacked the calf before mama saw what was happening.  The mother charged at the cat making it scatter, but the damage was done, the calf collapsed to the icy ground succumbing to its injuries. 

Review: Spinosaurus (juvenile) (Papo)

2.8 (15 votes)
Review and photographs by Rajvinder “IrritatorRaji” Phull, edited by Plesiosauria
With the roaring success of Papo’s adult Spinosaurus figure it was only a matter of time before we got a tiny counterpart. Especially seeing how Papo have released younger versions of their Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Mammoth and Apatosaurus models, it felt right to see Papo’s take on a young ‘Spine Lizard’.

Review: Spinosaurus (Papo Limited Edition)

4.4 (33 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

Well, after the long wait, and after all of the hype that surrounded it since its announcement, the new Papo Spinosaurus based on the latest reconstruction is finally available to the masses.Surely this figures ranks as one of the most anticipated figure of all time and would probably go  down in history as one of the most polarizing figure.

Review: Spinosaurus (Papo)

3.2 (28 votes)
Today we will be thoroughly looking over the Papo Spinosaurus– He is quite well loved in the dinosaur and Jurassic park communities, so I hope I don’t dampen spirits too much with my somewhat critical review. As for Spinosaurus itself, it was an extremely large theropod dinosaur that lived in northern Africa about 100 million years ago.

Review: Stegosaurus (Papo)

3.7 (25 votes)
Stegosaurus has always been a staple dinosaur. It’s featured prominently in museums, the media, museum toylines, chinasaur bins, and it’s been heavily researched. Many renditions of this animal have been done in toy form (just about every dinosaur toy collection has one!) so we’ll look at the attempt by Papo for now.

Review: Steppe Mammoth (Papo)

4.2 (14 votes)
Review and photographs by ‘Bucketfoot-Al’. Edited by Plesiosauria.
Papo has produced some excellent prehistoric toy dinosaur figures recently as you undoubtedly know – not always accurate but always 100% high quality, with remarkable detail. But this review is about one of their discontinued figures from our more recent past.
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