Brand: Schleich

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (Blue Ocean Entertainment Exclusive by Schleich)

1.4 (16 votes)

Review and photographs by Stolpergeist, edited by Suspsy

Gimmick toys have long been a go-to strategy for publishers of children’s magazines to get their readers to buy their issues. The concept has also been introduced to Germany in 1975 by the magazine Yps. Ever since gimmicks became a staple of magazines aimed at children, in many cases a toy draws more attention to a magazine issue than the actual content may on its own.

Review: Tyrannosaurus rex (World of History by Schleich)

3.5 (21 votes)
Review and photos by ‘Tyrantqueen’, edited by Plesiosauria.
Here we have a new figure for 2012 from the company that so many love to hate, German manufacturer Schleich. This new Tyrannosaurus rex is part of Schleich’s new “World of History” line, which contains some familiar looking dinosaur sculpts, but also some brand new ones.

News: Upcoming releases from Schleich (New for 2014)

3.6 (5 votes)
When it comes to dinosaur lines, Schleich have been a bit of a let down in recent years. Not only have they retired a large proportion of their prehistoric animal figures, their most recent sculpts have been ugly and anatomically incorrect. The sort of toys that wouldn’t seem out of place in a bargain bin of ‘Made in China’ ‘Chinasaurs’.

Review: Velociraptor (Blue Ocean Entertainment Exclusive by Schleich)

1.7 (9 votes)

Review and photographs by Stolpergeist, edited by Suspsy

After a strong first start in August 2020, Blue Ocean Entertainment released the second Schleich Dinosaurs magazine issue that is Team Dino-themed: issue #23 for October and November 2020. This time, the toy included is a downsized version of the Velociraptor from Schleich’s Conquering the Earth line.

Review: Velociraptor (Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

2.3 (12 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
There’s no doubt that Velociraptor is very common dinosaur on the market, but Schleich has created at least seven versions of the infamous dromaeosaur over the years. Today’s review is of their latest take on the speedy predator, and sadly, it is a downgrade from the 2017 Utahraptor.

Review: Velociraptor (World of History by Schleich)

2.2 (13 votes)
The last two reviews dealt with a Jurassic Park – inspired dinosaur and a new Schleich release. So here is your perfect synthesis, a review of Schleich´s new Velociraptor. It is way better than their last Velociraptor, but this was not difficult to achieve, to be honest.

Review: Woolly Mammoth baby(Prehistoric Mammals, by Schleich)

3.1 (7 votes)

I have already reviewed the queen of the tundra, the Schleich woolly mammoth adult.  Now it is time to look at the complementary baby calf.  Its nice to see that many toy makers depict, not just the full grown menacing adults with large curving tusks, but make cute playful babies as well. 

Review: Woolly Mammoth(Prehistoric Mammals, by Schleich)

4.2 (10 votes)

When the day began, white flakes hurried down from the grey sky. The snow fell in a horizontal blur and all that could be heard was the mournful cry of the wind. Suddenly, through the gusts and eddies of dancing snow, a dark illusion appears. In this veil of snow a dark shape approaches.

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