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News: Upcoming releases from Haolonggood (New for 2024)(Pt. 3)

4.4 (20 votes)

Haolonggood has released a most exciting teaser image of upcoming products. Check it out!

They have not officially released any names, but the genera appear to be:

Top row, left to right: Mamenchisaurus, Huayangosaurus, Amargasaurus, Camarasaurus, Tarchia.

Middle row, left to right: Gastonia, Euoplocephalus, Maiasaura, Stegosaurus, Edmontosaurus.

News: Upcoming release from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt. 13)

3.6 (12 votes)

Well now, here’s an interesting addition to the Jurassic Park ’93 Classic line: the Dennis Nedry Track & Chase Pack.

The set includes a motorcycle equipped with capture gear, a Velociraptor whose coloration appears to be based on the 2001 Alpha Raptor toy, and a Nedry figure with the same familiar visage, but quite a different physique.

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News: Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.11)

3.8 (11 votes)

Here we have three newly revealed Jurassic World: Wild Roar toys. The first one is a familiar face: Ceratosaurus. The colouration looks cool, but those pronated hands are a downgrade from previous versions.

Another familiar face is Parasaurolophus. This version appears to have an opening mouth, which is not something very many hadrosaur toys feature.

News: Upcoming release from Hasbro (New for 2024)

3.2 (22 votes)

In the Marvel universe, Zabu is a Smilodon with near-human intelligence who resides with his human companion Ka-Zar in the Savage Land. And this year, Hasbro’s popular Marvel Legends line will be releasing a poseable toy of him that looks pretty impressive indeed!

Acquiring him, however, requires acquiring six different Marvel characters, each of whom comes with a single piece of Zabu.

News: Upcoming releases from Mattel (New for 2024)(Pt.10)

3.1 (27 votes)

Two new dinosaurs in the Mattel Jurassic World: Gigantic Trackers series have been unveiled. First we have Bajadasaurus, a South American dicraeosaur famous for its impressive neck spines. Its action feature consists of a raising/lowering neck.

And here is the giant carnosaur Mapusaurus, also a resident of South America.

News: Upcoming release from Kaiyodo (New for 2024)

4.2 (37 votes)

Kaiyodo has revealed “The King of the Dinosaurs,” a 47 cm x 31 cm x 32.5 cm polystone statue mounted atop a wooden base. The world’s most famous and beloved prehistoric animal is posed majestically and menacingly with mouth wide open to reveal all the dentition and one foot placed atop the head of a defeated foe (I don’t reckon I need to specify names here).

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