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Review: Dimorphodon (Dinoreplicas)

4.9 (9 votes)

Papercrafts are not the usual type of collectible models, nevertheless there`s quite a number of models out there made from that versatile but often underestimated material. A few already have reviews here on the blog and it`s about time for a new one.

Forum member Dinoreplicas recently provided a free template to make your own Dimorphodon.

Review: Dimorphodon (Jurassic World by Hasbro)

1.5 (12 votes)
Surely enough as the seasons change, and time goes by, toys will be forgotten. Such is the case with this one, a 3 year old toy that I got second-hand in a lot of dinosaurs primarily purchased not as a collector, but as a father. So now I have a Jurassic World Hasbro toy, something I never  actually wanted.

Review: Dimorphodon (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Attack Pack by Mattel)

3.1 (12 votes)
The Attack Pack Dimorphodon represents one of the smaller scale animals produced for the Jurassic World line, with a low price point of about $7.99.  From foot to shoulder it only stands about 1 1/4 inches. The wingspan measures 8.5” and it’s about 5” long from nose to tail.

Review: Dimorphodon (Papo)

3.3 (13 votes)
Review and photos by Apatosaurus3232, edited by Suspsy
In 2017, Papo released their largest assortment of prehistoric figures to date, from stellar sculpts like the Acrocanthosaurus and Ceratosaurus to mixed bags like the Polacanthus. Today I’ll be reviewing the Dimorphodon, which falls into the mixed bag category.

Review: Dimorphodon (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

4 (14 votes)
Dimorphodon is one of those classic pterosaurs that old thirtysomethings like myself grew up reading about in the 1980s. With a large, blocky head, stout body, and relatively short wings, it would not have been the most skillful of flyers. Instead, it probably took to the air only for brief periods in order to find food or escape predators.
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Review: Dimorphodons (REBOR)

3.8 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by Lanthanotus, edited by Suspsy
Here comes a review I’m really excited about! Well, not about the review itself, but the models. When I first encountered REBOR while reading the Dinosaur Toy Forum, I was thrilled by the level of detail and the paint jobs on their models, but being not too keen about toothy theropods, I did not decide to buy any of them.

Review: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Kinder Joy Eggs (by Ferrero)

4 (7 votes)

Here is an interesting fact.  In the United States of America, the release of the limited edition Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Kinder Joy Eggs  would have been illegal if it had been released in previous years.  The reason for this is that any candy with a toy or “non-nutritive object embedded” inside it has been illegal since 1938, when the U.S.

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