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Review: Parasaurolophus (Definitely Dinosaurs by Playskool)

3.3 (6 votes)

Review and photographs by dinoguy2, edited by Suspsy

One of the larger dinosaurs from Playskool’s Definitely Dinosaurs Series 2, the Parasaurolophus is really nice-looking for a preschool toy. Featuring similar articulation to the other large dinosaurs in the series, it has a hinge jointed neck for up and down head movement, swivel joints at all four limbs, and a rotatable tail .

Review: Parasaurolophus (Deluxe) (CollectA)

CollectA Deluxe Parasaurolophus

3.9 (14 votes)
Review and photos by Dinomike, edited by Plesiosauria.
I picked this creature up while on holiday in Spain. This particular specimen was sold as a specially packaged El Corte Inglés edition. CollectA has been steadily making better and better models and this ‘deluxe’ 1:40 scale version of Parasaurolophus is no exception!

Review: Parasaurolophus (DinoWaurs Survival)

4.3 (7 votes)
Photographs and review by Indohyus
Hadrosaurs are certainly an intriguing family of dinosaurs. A diverse range of animals evolved over several million years, including the largest non-sauropod herbivore ever known, Shantungosaurus. One of the most interesting features of certain species are the head crests, which allow them to stand out from other ornithopods, especially today’s review subject; Parasaurolophus, once more from the DinoWaurs Survival line.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Dual Attack Dino Rivals)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

3.9 (14 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

One of my favorite herbivores, the Parasaurolophus is perhaps one of the most iconic of the hadrosaurids, and perhaps one of the more iconic herbivorous dinosaurs as well, with its large tube-like crest. This creature has been featured in every Jurassic Park film so far, yet has been hardly represented in the toy lines for the various films.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Fauna Casts)

4.7 (7 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Plesiosauria. [Submitted in September 2013 so my apologies for not posting this review sooner! – Ed.]
After years of procrastinating, I finally shelled out the cash to obtain one of Malcolm Mlodoch’s wonderfully crafted Faunacasts models. The one I selected has been retired but was available on Dans Dinosaurs for quite some time.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Furuta)

4.7 (7 votes)
For many western paleo-enthusiasts, the world of Japanese miniatures is chock-full of wonders both common and rare. The fact that Japan produces so many outstanding prehistoric replicas is made even more jarring by their tendency to be packaged with manufactured candy, a marketing move that would make both products seem casual or cheapened to an American consumer of disposable goods.
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Review: Parasaurolophus (Hammond Collection by Mattel)

4 (25 votes)

Review and photos by EmperorDinobot, edited by Suspsy

Hello once again! I am so excited to share this dinosaur figure with you! I have been waiting for well-articulated Jurassic Park series figures for a long time and we finally have them! We did get some with the Amber collection, but they had some issues that really turned me off.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Jasman)

1 (6 votes)
I feel compelled to start this review with a bit of a disclaimer and a warning. First off, I want to point out that this is not the type of stuff I normally collect. My tastes are far more refined than that. However, like other intrepid collectors I always end up with a certain amount of bycatch, stuff that comes along with what I actually want but I’m not actually targeting.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2.4 (10 votes)

Of all the Hadrosaurs, Parasaurolophus is by far the most commonly produced in toy lines. It’s flashy headpiece is likely the main reason, as the rest of the body is somewhat lacklustre. Sizeable, but not the most interesting. The crest is where it’s at, with the function and skin attachments being a major source of debate.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Jurassic Park III by Coca Cola)

4.1 (8 votes)
Famous among dinosaur figure collectors for their excellent Dinotales figures, Kaiyodo also produced a lesser known set of dinosaur figures in 2001, following the release of Jurassic Park III. The set, sponsored by Coca Cola, consisted of 12 dinosaur figures and a secret figure (a Spinosaurus skull).

Review: Parasaurolophus (Kleinwelka)

4 (8 votes)
Review and photos by Stefan Schröder (alias Libraraptor)
Up for review today is Kleinwelka Parasaurolophus which dates back to the 70s or 80s, when the owners of the Kleinwelka dinosaur park decided to bring out some souvenir toys looking like small versions of the dinosaurs arranged in the park.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Mini)(Chap Mei)

1.4 (13 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy

While many companies that produce dinosaur toys strive to make their figures scientifically accurate (though often failing), some completely disregard science, preferring instead to use dinosaurs as simple pop culture monsters. This is true for Chap Mei, whose Dino Valley line toys are often imitations of dinosaurs appearing in pop culture rather than what is actually known about them.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Mojö Fun)

1.4 (9 votes)

Parasaurolophus is perennial favorite among children and adults. It is one of the most recognizable Hadrosaurid to the general public.  75 million years ago, in what is now North America, it was part of a diverse family of Cretaceous herbivore dinosaurs known for their bizarre and strange head adornments. 

Review: Parasaurolophus (Papo)

3.5 (22 votes)
Until the release of their Allosaurus, Papo’s prehistorics garnered attention mainly for being remarkable facsimiles of their Jurassic Park counterparts. However, even before Papo’s own Big Al hit the scene the company had released a sculpt not obviously based on a JP creature – this often-overlooked Parasaurolophus (dated 2005) at about 1:35 scale.
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