Brand: Schleich

Review: Brachiosaurus (Conquering the Earth by Schleich)

4.2 (16 votes)
​Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
With Schleich’s 2017 crop of models consisting of animals that hail from the Late Jurassic to the Early Cretaceous, it is understandable that at least one Jurassic sauropod would be released. Although to be honest, I was hoping we would get a new Apatosaurus, or even Brontosaurus.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Junior by Schleich)

2.7 (9 votes)
Review and photographs by ‘Resurrection of the dinosaurs’, edited by Dinotoyblog
For my second review, I will be considering a classic: the Schleich ‘Junior’ Brachiosaurus from back in 2002. It is essentially a smaller and slightly modified version of the even older original 1993 Replica-Saurus sculpt.

Review: Brachiosaurus (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

3.7 (7 votes)
Schleich have attracted a lot of derision for their often diabolical theropods (knuckle-dragging Spinosaurus, anyone?), but – for whatever reason – tend to fare somewhat better when it comes to herbivorous dinosaurs.  This brachiosaur sculpt dates from 2007 and really isn’t too bad at all.

Review: Brachiosaurus (World of History by Schleich)

3.6 (9 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan ‘Takama’ Morris, edited by amargasaurus cazaui and Suspsy

Well everyone, it’s time for another Schleich World of History review. This  one will cover the 2012 Brachiosaurus. If you have been following my other WoH reviews, you  know that 2012 was the year Schleich revamped and renamed their dinosaur line, making smaller versions of models they had made previously, and in some cases, giving them articulated jaws.

Review: Brachiosaurus 1993 ( Replica-Saurus, by Schleich)

4.5 (6 votes)

To help set the mood, lets take a moment and imagine ourselves walking among the fern covered floodplains in the late Jurassic.  A muddy stream meanders and snakes across the landscape. There are green spreading fronds of tree ferns, along with cycads and gingkoes. There are numerous tall conifers. 

Review: Carnotaurus (Mini Dinosaur Collection by Schleich)

3.1 (15 votes)
Schleich is a company that many of us love to hate. Although all Schleich models are of pretty high quality, especially in the detail work, they’re usually too garish and inaccurate for most of our tastes. This makes Schleich a frustrating company to get behind because with a bit more attention to anatomical accuracy they could be a stellar company.

Review: Carnotaurus (World of History by Schleich)

3.5 (28 votes)
Available on Amazon Here.
If you didn’t know; in the late 60’s a dinosaur renaissance took place, which sparked new ideas and discoveries in paleontology.  Of course, through the 70’s and 80’s, change was slow, most of the public was still being taught that dinosaurs were cold blooded and sluggish. 

Review: Ceratosaurus (2021)(Schleich)

3.5 (37 votes)

Review and photos by Prehistory Resurrection, edited by Suspsy

Back in 1994, Schleich released its now-discontinued Replica-Saurus line of dinosaur figures, which included perhaps the goofiest, ugliest, and most hideous dinosaur figure ever manufactured, their first Ceratosaurus sculpt, in a quadrupedal stance. It was finally retired in 2005.

Review: Ceratosaurus (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

3.9 (44 votes)
The famous Jurassic predator Allosaurus coexisted with its smaller, though likely equally fearsome relative Ceratosaurus during the Late Jurassic. Fossils of Ceratosaurus (“horned lizard”) have been recovered from numerous localities in North America, Africa, and Southern Europe. Unfortunately, this figure by Schleich is far more unimpressive than the real animal.

Review: Corythosaurus (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

3.8 (11 votes)
Review and photos by Lanthanotus, edited by Suspsy
When the term hadrosaur is combined with a toy, it usually results into a Parasaurolophus. While this genus may still not be as overrepresented as some carnivorous theropods, it easily exceeds all other hadrosaur renditions in number.

Review: Cryolophosaurus (Dinosaurs by Schleich)

1.5 (21 votes)

Review and photographs by Stolpergeist, edited by Suspsy

Schleich had a strong release year in 2019 and the upcoming 2021 releases look quite promising. The 2020 releases, however, received a lot of criticism among collectors and thus didn’t get much attention. Today, I am taking a closer look at one of those releases, the Cryolophosaurus, and will examine it to find out where this flak came from.

Review: Deinosuchus (Replica-Saurus by Schleich)

3.5 (13 votes)
During the Mesozoic Era, the dinosaurs were the undisputed rulers of the land. However, more watery environments were ruled by other reptilian denizens. The waterways of North America during the Cretaceous period 75 million years ago were stalked by the massive 50 foot alligator Deinosuchus.
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