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Review: Indominus Rex (Destroy N’ Devour)(Jurassic World by Mattel)

3.7 (21 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

After more than a decade since Jurassic Park III was released, the next entry in the franchise finally got to see the day of light in 2015, after a long and troubled development cycle. That film was none other then Jurassic World.

Review: Isla Nublar Decisive Battle Set (ANIA by Takara Tomy)

4.4 (20 votes)

Review and photos by Zim, edited by Suspsy

June 12, 2015 was the day the Jurassic Park series was revived with a new film called Jurassic World. It features a revamped park along with many new species, including Dimorphodon, Mosasaurus, and a new hybrid, along with old favourites like Tyrannosaurus.

Review: Mini-Dino Multi-Pack (“Battle Damage”)(Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom by Mattel)

4.1 (11 votes)
Review and photographs by Cretaceous Crab, edited by Suspsy
Let me start out by saying that this pack of figures are obviously part of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World toy franchise, and likewise, each figure is designed to be a representation of its silver screen counterpart. We all know that many of the prehistoric species featured in this franchise are not scientifically accurate.

Review: Tyrannosaurus vs. Indominus (Jurassic World Limited Edition Gift Set)

4.4 (33 votes)
Regardless about how you ultimately felt about the movie one of the most exciting prospects behind the release of Jurassic World was the toys and other merchandise that would inevitably be released alongside the film. The old Kenner Jurassic Park toys are some of the best movie action figures ever produced and although Hasbro dropped the ball on Jurassic Park 3 there were still those that hoped they might do better for Jurassic World.
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