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Megacerops (CollectA)

4.7 (11 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan Morris (AKA ‘Takama’), edited by Plesiosauria.
Megacerops was a large odd-toed ungulate that lived during the Late Eocene in North America. It is most commonly referred to by the synonymous name Brontotherium. Brontotherium means ‘thunder beast’, and its origins come from an old American legend that suggest that these beasts ran across the clouds, while causing thunder to roar with their footsteps.

Megacerops (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.9 (17 votes)
Fighting for the ultimate prize, Lunk deals a heavy blow to his opponent’s flank in an attempt to end the battle. But the other male responds in turn, and Lunk experiences a sudden surge of pain as a couple of his ribs shatter. Beaten and exhausted, he lowers his head and slowly backs away, conceding defeat.

Prehistoric Mammals Tube (Collecta)

4.2 (17 votes)

Collecta has been bringing out prehistoric animal tubes over the last few years, and while some gave us some great new designs, others have just given us miniature versions of models they already have. This is a case of the latter, as they have released these small versions of their ancient mammals.

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