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Daeodon (CollectA)

4.7 (13 votes)
The carcass is days old, decaying, and beset with insects, but that means nothing to the marauder. He seizes the prize in his monstrous jaws and crunches down decisively. Bone fragments, crushed marrow, rancid meat, and still-wiggling maggots all disappear down his throat. He pauses only to emit a wet belch before resuming his feast.

Daeodon (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

5 (16 votes)
Review by Bokisaurus, edited by Dinotoyblog
My first review for the new year! It was hard choosing which figure to review, but one figure kept coming back up to the top of my list, Safari’s Daeodon, part of their 2018 lineup of prehistoric figures. At first, I decided to compare it with its CollectA predecessor.

Prehistoric Mammal Skulls (Toob by Safari Ltd.)

4.7 (9 votes)
Prehistoric skulls, be they those of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, sea monsters, mammals, amphibians, or any other beasts, are always things of beauty and intrigue. Let us take a look at this interesting variety of mammal skulls from Safari Ltd. There are eight in total, all coloured medium brown with a pale brown wash, and all with their names printed on the undersides.

Prehistoric Mammals Tube (Collecta)

4.1 (15 votes)

Collecta has been bringing out prehistoric animal tubes over the last few years, and while some gave us some great new designs, others have just given us miniature versions of models they already have. This is a case of the latter, as they have released these small versions of their ancient mammals.

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