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My forum name is Bokisaurus or “Boki” for short. My real name is Ashley. I started collecting dinosaur figures 13 years ago. When I started, I collected only figures from my favorite groups of dinosaurs: sauropods, ceratopsians, and duckbills. It’s only within the last 8 years that I started adding figures from all the different groups. Besides collecting dinosaur toy figures, my other passion in life is Art and the outdoors. I take every opportunity I have to go out to the coast or the forest, taking some dino figures with me to make dioramas as an added bonus! I live in Seattle, Washington where it’s always sunny :o)

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Review: Lambeosaurus (PNSO)

4.8 (38 votes)

Within the last few years, the ornithopod group of dinosaurs has seen a renaissance after being neglected for a long time. It wasn’t always the case, in fact some of the first dinosaur toy figures were from this group. But despite having had early fame, the group would soon be relegated to the sideline as token prey species for the ever-popular throng of predatory theropods.

Review: Mapusaurus (CollectA)

4.5 (24 votes)

From atop a hill, the view of the dry wind-swept plains below is obscured by what at first looks like a dust storm. Soon, it becomes clear that the dust that has engulfed the plain is not from a storm. Here, in what would be known today as Argentina, an epic battle between two of the largest animals that have ever walked the earth is about to reach its conclusion.

Review: Diplodocus repaint 2020 (CollectA)

4.5 (17 votes)

Diplodocus is one of the most famous and iconic dinosaurs and has been around for some time now. Its graceful form is easily recognizable so it has become one of the staple species in pop culture, from merchandise and films.With that, information about it already saturate the forum as well as the blogosphere so we can skip all that. 

This Diplodocus figure we are reviewing today is a repaint of CollectA’s first version that was released way back in 2013 if I remember correctly.This figure is in a rearing pose; a pose made iconic by the legendary Battat Diplodocus way back in the mid 1990’s and has yet to be surpassed despite a few attempts through the years from various brands.

Review: Spinosaurus (GR Toys)

3.9 (19 votes)

Well, after my third Spinosaurus review of figures based on the new reconstruction, I surely thought I was done, at least for a while. But here we are with yet another Spinosaurus review!But today, I am excited to review a brand-new figure that not only reflects the most current reconstruction ( the first one out of the gate so far), but also introduce this brand-new company from China for those of you who may not be aware of its existence.

Review: Young Tyrannosaurus Aaron (PNSO)

4.7 (52 votes)

When it comes to Tyrannosaurus rex, the first image that comes to mind is that of a snarling, blood-thirsty animal. As famous as it is, unfortunately in pop culture films and images, it is often depicted as a villain, a killer that is always on a rampage killing any helpless animal on its way. 

So, the description of being cute is not often associated with it.

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Review: Sinoceratops baby A-QI (PNSO)

4.4 (14 votes)

Hello blog readers! This would be my 60th review, and to mark the occasion, I decided to go cute! Well, not me, but the figure I’m reviewing today! When it comes to baby dinosaur toy figures, I’m not typically excited about them. I have nothing against them really, in fact we really need more of them, at least good ones.

Review: Ouranosaurus (Recur)

4.2 (25 votes)

Niger, Africa back in the Early Cretaceous was a land full of weird and unusual dinosaurs. Unlike the desert-like environment of today, back then it was lusher with many rivers that crisscrossed the land. Here lives one of the most distinctive basal hadrosaur, Ouranosaurus nigeriensis (meaning Brave lizard).

Review: Xiphactinus (Fauna Casts)

4 (5 votes)

Before there was Jaws, before there was The Meg, there was Xiphactinus.

Although sharks have been a constant nightmare in many pop culture’s films and stories, these fishes were not the only ones that have the reputation of being ferocious, and definitely not the largest. There were other, less known nightmarish fishes that hunted the prehistoric oceans, one of them is Xiphactinus, the subject of today’s review. 

In the late Cretaceous, a vast inland sea once bisected what we know today as North and South America.

Review: Andrewsarchus (Play Visions)

2.4 (7 votes)

Part 3 of 4 – Large Play visions Prehistoric mammals

Dust funnels swept across the dry and hot landscape. It’s been months since the last rain and the vegetations, once lush, has now turned brown. Animals that inhabit this environment are under tremendous stress as they seek out food and shelter from the exhausting heat.

Review: Baryonyx (CollectA standard figure)

4.1 (14 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

One of the most famous dinosaurs from Europe, Baryonyx ( Baryonyx walkeri), has seen its fame continues to rise through the decades, and will continue no doubt. It even made an appearance in the hugely successful Jurassic park franchise, a testament to its fame.

Review: Palorchestes (Play Visions large and mini figure)

4.4 (9 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

Part 2 of 4 – Large Play Visions Prehistoric mammals

This will be a series of four reviews. I decided that each of the figures in the set warrants their own review instead of combined into one. I will also cover the mini version that was from a separate set of 8 figures. 

The four large figure with the book the figures were based on.

Review: Smilodon (Play visions large mammal set)

2.5 (4 votes)

Review and photos by Bokisaurus

Part 1 of 4 – Large Play visions Prehistoric mammals

This will be a series of four reviews. I decided that each of the figures in the set warrants their own review instead of combined into one. I will also cover the mini version that was from a separate set of 8 figures. So, for the next few installments, I will try and post one from this set in-between others just to break it up a bit.Enjoy.

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