Brand: Geoworld

Review: Thylacosmilus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

3.7 (7 votes)

Animals can adapt to their environment in many different ways, resulting in many interesting species. but the more interesting case is when two distinctly different species, not even closely related, evolve similar or the same adaptation, known as convergent evolution. Such is the example whit this review: Thylacosmilus, which may look like a sabre toothed cat, but is in fact a sprassodont, a marsupial from South America.

Review: Troodon (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

3.4 (9 votes)
Troodon is an animal that everyone with more than a passing interest in dinosaurs knows about but few people count among their favorites. It’s featured prominently in books and documentaries due mostly for its large brain to body ratio but is otherwise typically regarded as a small, underwhelming dinosaur; similar to dromaeosaurs but not quite as cool and too small to be scary.

Review: Tyrannnosaurus (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

1.8 (10 votes)

Feathered or scaly? Upright or vertical? Predator or scavenger? The king of the tyrant lizards has gone through a lot of changes over the last century, and I dare say will continue to alter as more discoveries are made. As a result, there are hundreds of figures, representing all the variations it could possibly have.

Review: Tyrant King Skeleton/’T-Rex Skeleton’ (Geoworld/B.C.Bones)

3.8 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Amargasaurus and Plesiosauria.
Before I begin I want to state the obvious. Yes, Geoworld does make some terrible figures, but when it comes to their many fossil and skeleton replicas, we can see that Geoworld has potential. The ‘Tyrant King Skeleton’ is just one of many skeletal models that Geoworld has to offer, and it can be purchased in two different forms.

Review: Utahraptor (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2.3 (4 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Suspsy
Last time I did a review of a Geoworld product, I said that the company likes to put feathers only on species that are known to have feathers in the fossils. Well, unfortunately I should’ve done more research (and a little more glancing at my collection) because that was not the case.

Review: Velociraptor (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Takama, edited by Plesiosauria.

It is a special day for Geoworld because today is the first time one of their products will be reviewed on the Dinosaur Toy Blog! Geoworld, for those who don’t already know, is an Italian company started by (self-proclaimed ?)* paleontologist Dr.

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Review: Zuniceratops (Jurassic Hunters by Geoworld)

2.2 (10 votes)

With the release of the Beasts of the Mesozoic Ceratopsian line, I wanted to look back at other attempts to recreate these marginocephalians. And who better to look at how not to do them then Geoworld. I have reviewed one of their Ceratopsians before, and was less than impressed.

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