Brand: Favorite Co. Ltd.

Review: Pachycephalosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Kinto Favorite)

4 (8 votes)
Despite the figure’s small size, there are plenty of fine details to appreciate on this release from Kinto/Favorite’s earlier days.
Favorite Co. Ltd is among the better dinosaur toy producers currently in the market, even though many of their figures are either out of production or exclusive to Japan.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Soft model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.7 (7 votes)
Parasaurolophus walkeri is one of the  most widely recognised and much-loved hadrosaur species, and no dinosaur toy line is complete without it. (Sorry, P. tubicen and P. cyrtocristatus.) It’s only proper, then, that Favorite include it among their ‘soft model’ lineup.

Review: Parasaurolophus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.8 (5 votes)

Here I am again with another review for another Favorite dinosaur. No, I don’t mean it is my favorite but rather made by the Favorite Company who it seems feel so confident in their models that they changed their name from Kinto to Favorite. It still feels weird to say the word favorite not as an adjective but as the name of a company.

Review: Plesiosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.2 (5 votes)
Favorite’s ‘Soft Models’ tend to receive acclaim on the Dinosaur Toy Blog and I’ve been promising to review the Plesiosaurus for…well, years actually. Certain members of the Dinosaur Toy Forum tend not to let me forget it! So it will be a weight off my shoulders to finally give this figure the attention it deserves.

Review: Plesiosaurus (version 2) (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd)

3.8 (6 votes)
Nope, you’re not seeing double. Ever since Favorite released their second wave of ‘Soft Models’, their line is starting to resemble an alternative retelling of the Noah’s Ark fable, in which the dinosaurs march along two by two. That’s because they decided, instead of creating new species, to redo and update their existing species list.

Review: Plesiosaurus skull (Favorite Co. Ltd)

4.7 (3 votes)
Here’s a bit of an experiment – our first ever video review. So, I’ll stand back and let the youtube video do the talking (video also embedded below). I will note, however, that I’m a complete novice when it comes to recording and editing, so there’s a lot of room for improvement!
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Review: Quetzalcoatlus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4 (6 votes)

Time will tell if some of Araki’s artistic license proves true, but there are still definite issues with the design which may turn off more serious-minded collectors.

While long-established companies like Safari Ltd. and Schleich have been going steady, and rising stars like Rebor and PNSO have been conquering the collecting market worldwide, Japanese companies like Favorite have been tending to their own corner of the scene.

Review: Redondasaurus vs. Coelophysis (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.7 (6 votes)

Morning sun rises over the Pangean plains of the Late Triassic. The wet season has just ended, and it is a time of plenty for herbivores across the scrub land. This means the predators do well too. A lone Coelophysis wonders the land, searching for water to wash down a recent meal.

Review: Saurolophus (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.7 (6 votes)
Part 2 of the Nemegt Fauna Series. Review and photos by Bokisaurus, edited by Suspsy
Back in 2012, the Osaka Museum Of Natural History launched an impressive special exhibit highlighting the impressive diversity of dinosaur fossils found in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. This special exhibit was aptly named “The Gobi: Cradle of the Most Enchanting Dinosaur Fossils” and consisted of beautiful specimens of some of the most famous Mongolian dinosaurs for the public to admire.

Review: Spinosaurus (Kinto Favorite Desktop Model)

3.8 (6 votes)
Kinto Favorite Desktop Spinosaurus Model
Review by Dan of
After a fairly prolonged dry spell, the Favorite Company of Japan (formerly known as Kinto) has unveiled a new dinosaur desktop model. This model features the highly-popular Spinosaurus aegypticus, a theropod whose name became famous after appearing in a certain feature film.

Review: Spinosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

3.8 (4 votes)
Favorite’s ‘Soft Model’ series is the affordable, plastic-toy counterpart to their more expensive range of ‘Desktop’ polyresin statues, and gains frequent favour for the models’ modern look and the fact that the carnivores stand on their own two feet. So it is with the latest addition to the line, this Spinosaurus.

Review: Spinosaurus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.3 (4 votes)

How do you like your Spinosaurus?  The reason why I ask, is that when it comes to Spinosaurus, there is still a lot of speculation and hypothesis about its actual anatomy, posture and gait. It leaves it wide open for interpretation for paleo artists and toy makers.  

Review: Spinosaurus (swimming version, 2017 Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd)

4.3 (8 votes)
Japanese company Favorite Co. Ltd surprised collectors in 2017 by announcing two new figures for their ‘soft model’ dinosaur line: Archaeopteryx and Spinosaurus. Although this is the third Spinosaurus released in Favorite’s soft model series, this latest version is their first to reflect the 2014 studies on the animal’s anatomy and posture.

Review: Spinosaurus Hunting (Desktop Model by Dinostoreus)

4.7 (3 votes)
In addition to their primary line of single-character maquettes, Dinostoreus produces a number of diorama-style pieces which portray prehistoric animals in their natural environment. One that undoubtedly draws attention is this model, featuring the beloved Spinosaurus snatching a snack from churning Cretaceous waters.

At 13 inches in length, this is a pretty generously sized model, falling roughly within the 1:40 range to make it compatible with the Carnegie Spinosaurus, or Papo if you’re not a stickler for accuracy.

Review: Stegosaurus (Desktop model by Favorite Co. Ltd, sculpted by Michael Trcic)

4.9 (7 votes)
I recently decided to give in to a long-lasting urge and purchased my first ever desktop dinosaur models. Given the considerable price tag on some of these statues, it can be a big decision, especially in these days of online shopping when it’s difficult to know if it’s really worth it, and when there’s risk of damage during transit.
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