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Cambrian Creatures Mini Model Collection (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Review and photos by bmathison1972, edited by Suspsy Today, we will be looking at an overview of the Cambrian Creatures Mini Model collection released by Favorite Co. Ltd. in 2016. It consists of eight smaller models representing primarily Cambrian invertebrates along with one chordate. All the species presented have been found in the Burgess Shale …

Deinonychus (Soft model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

In spite of not having a name ending in ‘raptor’, Deinonychus remains a high-profile dromaeosaur in the public imagination, and rightly so for an animal that revolutionised our understanding of dinosaurs. This fairly small and affordable toy is manufactured by Favorite, and is clearly modelled on their larger (and somewhat more expensive) resin ‘Desktop’ model. …

Dimetrodon (Soft Model by Favorite)

Favorite’s take on the classic pre-dinosaur land predator offers a more modern image of the synapsid than most, for its time.

Diplodocus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

What is possibly the largest Dinosaur in the Soft Model line to date strides in with the 2020 Favorite lineup; how big and how accurate is it really?

Dunkleosteus (Favorite Co. Ltd)

Review and photographs by Tim Sosa In the Devonian period, the largest animals were arthrodires, huge armored fish informally referred to as placoderms. ‘Arthrodire’ means “joint-necked,” referring to the fact that there was a hinge in their armor between the thorax and the back of the head. One of the largest arthrodires was Dunkleosteus, a …

Dunkleosteus (Like Hobby by ThinkArt)

Front three-quarter view of ThinkArt Dunkleosteus

If somebody has heard of just one Paleozoic fish, it’s probably Dunkleosteus, designated yesterday as Ohio’s official state fossil fish! Toy companies have made more than a dozen different versions over the years, and several higher-end models exist as well. Earlier this year, a Thai studio called Like Hobby/ThinkArt released one of the latter. The …

Dunkleosteus (Vinyl Model Series by Favorite)

Unlike the soft model line, which is suited for kids and collectors alike, the large vinyl line usually appears to target children exclusively; but this doesn’t mean they should simply be disregarded by collectors.

Fukuisaurus (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Review and photographs by Jose Carlos Salas (Jose_S.M.), edited by Suspsy Fukuisaurus tetoriensis was an ornithopod dinosaur that live during the early Cretaceous period in Japan. Its remains were found in 1989 in the Kitadani formation in Katsuyama, Fukui Prefecture. It was about 4.5 m (about 14.9 ft) in length, making it a medium-sized dinosaur. …

Giganotosaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. ltd)

Although we aren’t short on good-quality Giganotosaurus toys these days, Favorite’s new take is a worthwhile rendition with a few unique traits of its own.

Iguanodon (Oldies desktop model by Kinto/Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Review and photos by Tyrantqueen. For my first Dinosaur Toy Blog review I am going to look at the 1850s-style Iguanodon in the Oldies desktop model series by Kinto/Favorite co. The Oldies series of replicas is intended to be a nostalgic take on outdated interpretations of dinosaurs from yesteryear. Each replica comes with a wooden …

Iguanodon (Soft Model 2020 series by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

This is an overall pleasing and recognizable figure of the famous dinosaur, but it does have some setbacks in design for a 2020 rendition.

Megalodon (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Review and photos by Zim, edited by Suspsy Otodus megalodon is probably one of the most well-recognized prehistoric animals of all time due to our fascination of giant versions of animals, in this case, sharks. Though it is frequently depicted as an oversized great white shark due to the resemblance between their teeth, many experts …

Mosasaurus (Soft Model by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

Kazunaki Araki’s sculpt reflects how our scientific understanding of Mosasaurus has changed, while retaining more classic, retro traits in appearance.

Opabinia (Soft Model by Favorite co.)

This model is reconstructed with ample attention to detail for this alien-looking wonder from the Cambrian.

Pachycephalosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Kinto Favorite)

Despite the figure’s small size, there are plenty of fine details to appreciate on this release from Kinto/Favorite’s earlier days.