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Review: Allosaurus (Pencil Sharpener by Unknown Company)

3.9 (10 votes)
Dinosaur products extend far beyond the familiar realms of CollectA, Papo, Safari, and other such companies. From clothing to cereals to shower heads, there’s not much our prehistoric pals can’t sell. Today I’ll be reviewing an Allosaurus that keeps my pencils nice and sharp.

I’ve had this sharpener since I was a small child, but I honestly don’t recall precisely where or when I acquired it.

Review: Allosaurus (PNSO)

4.2 (51 votes)

Review and photos by Zim, edited by Suspsy

Allosaurus (meaning “different lizard”) is probably the most well known large predator of the Late Jurassic period some 155-145 million years ago, similar to how Tyrannosaurus was in the Late Cretaceous period. It reaches sizes of 8 to 9.6 metres long, but could possibly reach up to 13 metres (more on that later).

Review: Allosaurus (Prehistoric Scenes by Aurora)

3.7 (11 votes)
Prehistoric Scenes is a line of model kits made by a company called Aurora between 1971 and 1975. Rather than having to use glue, one needed only to snap the many pieces together. Moreover, these massive models boasted quite a good bit of articulation. They have been reissued by Monogram and Revell many times over the decades, the latest being in 2015.

Review: Allosaurus (Protocasts)

4.6 (5 votes)

I guess there`s not much to say about the “Lion of the Jurassic” that hasn`t been covered in one or more of the three dozen reviews to this species before, so let´s get straight to the figure.

“Protocasts” is the brand name of our forum member Kayakasaurus, under which he releases figures since 2016.

Review: Allosaurus (Resin Model by Shane Foulkes)

4.7 (3 votes)
Photos by Dan and Jeremy
However vast and complicated cyberspace may be, I would say that the Dinosaur Toy Forum did more than any other website to revitalize my interest in this subject. It was here that I first heard of the sculptor named Shane Foulkes. People spoke of him with an odd kind of reverence, as though he was some divine entity with the power to bring dinosaurs back to life.

Review: Allosaurus (Schleich)

3.3 (16 votes)
Review & photos by forumite FOOMAN666 (EDITED by Horridus – take note Dan!)
Released in 2006, Schleich’s small scale Allosaurus is, to me, a breath of fresh air. It proves that the company who is well known among the dinosaur toy collecting circle for butchering many famous dinosaurs each year has finally started to pay attention and at least try to improve their products.
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Review: Allosaurus (Soft Model Series 1 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

3.8 (9 votes)
Despite representing the same genus, Favorite co’s first take on the famous Jurassic theropod is remarkably different their their currently-produced version.
Although Allosaurus is less of a star in dinosaur pop culture than it used to be, the genus is still a mainstay in toy lines.

Review: Allosaurus (Soft Model Series 2 by Favorite Co. Ltd.)

4.2 (13 votes)
If you like your dinosaurs well detailed, accurately sculpted, and shrink wrapped in true 1990’s fashion than look no further than Favorite’s latest take on some of our favorite classic dinosaurs. Favorite Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company formally known as Kinto. Their first series of dinosaurs consisted of a line of well-made and mostly accurate dinosaurs, all popular classics, none of them obscure.

Review: Allosaurus (The Lost Kingdoms, Series A, by Yowie)

2.5 (6 votes)
Review and photos by Brontozaurus, edited by Plesiosauria.
The existence of an Australian allosaurid is based on an ankle bone discovered in the sea cliffs of Cape Paterson in south-eastern Australia, near the famous Dinosaur Cove site. This bone was referred to the genus Allosaurus; if it really is a species of Allosaurus then it’s not only a small species (estimated to have been around 6 metres in length), but it’s also a very late surviving species, as it came from Early Cretaceous rocks, whereas other Allosaurus species were from the Jurassic.

Review: Allosaurus (UKRD)

2.5 (4 votes)

Review and photographs by Funk, edited by Suspsy

The UKRD dinosaurs were mass-produced back in the early 1990s’, and don’t seem to be particularly sought after today, but some of them appear to have been inspired by John Sibbick’s palaeoart in David Norman’s 1985 Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs, which I think makes them somewhat interesting.

Review: Allosaurus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.1 (9 votes)
Review and photographs by Indohyus, edited by Suspsy
Before Tyrannosaurus was discovered and became a palaeontological superstar, there was another theropod that filled the role of the quintessential prehistoric predator: Allosaurus. Featured in early dinosaur media (such as being the main predator in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic novel, The Lost World), Allosaurus has still been able to gain some of the limelight, helped by very complete remains with some incredible injuries (Big Al).

Review: Allosaurus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

3.2 (20 votes)
This little Allosaurus comes from Safari’s ‘Wild Safari’ line which, although not intended as a museum-quality line (and not set to a certain scale), has seen a huge leap in the quality of its prehistoric creature toys in recent years. Models like this one, the Stegosaurus, Dunkleosteus and Postosuchus have become very popular with collectors as they feature excellent detailing at a very low price.

Review: Allosaurus (Wild Safari version 1 by Safari Ltd)

2.5 (18 votes)
Review and photos by Rugops. Edited by Plesiosauria.
Allosaurus is one the most popular dinosaurs ever. Because of this it has appeared in many different sculpts, one of them being this model from 1996. The body, neck, and head are made of rigid plastic, while the arms, lower legs, and tail are made of softer, slightly pliable plastic.

Review: Allosaurus (World of History by Schleich)

2.8 (17 votes)
Review and photos by Nathan ‘Takama’ Morris, edited by amargasaurus cazaui and Suspsy
Ah, Allosaurus! What dinosaur line is complete without the “Lion of the Jurassic”? The reason it appears in many toy lines is because Allosaurus is a well known dinosaur that has appeared in many dinosaur books and movies.
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