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Woolly Mammoth (Favorite Co. Ltd.)

5 (5 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

There can’t be that many of the major brands producing prehistoric animals in plastic that don’t have a woolly mammoth in their range, and the subject of this review is Favorite’s contribution to the herd (This is my third mammoth review here – coincidence or type casting or maybe I just have a lot of mammoths?).

Woolly Mammoth (HG Toys)

3.5 (4 votes)
For many people, the first image they conjure up while thinking of the ice age is a large animal with shaggy fur, long curved tusks, with its trunk lifted, bellowing to its herd while crossing the icy steppe. Of course I am talking of the Woolly Mammoth, and even though there are many other fascinating species of mammoth, its the Woolly Mammoth that tends to be made into toy form.

Woolly Mammoth (Inpro)

2.5 (4 votes)
Looking back again at the toys of yesteryear we have another little Inpro figurine dug out of my attic, this time it’s a woolly mammoth. Inpro would produce only two mammals for their collection; this mammoth and the equally popular Smilodon. According to the date stamped on its underside this toy was produced in 1972 and while mammoth toys are almost a dime a dozen this one is sufficiently interesting enough to be worth taking a look at.

Woolly Mammoth (Invicta)

4.8 (9 votes)
Mammuthus primigenius, the one Cenozoic animal that’s been done to death. Every company has tackled this classic Ice Age proboscid. It’s not a particularly strange animal; in size and general appearance it matches closely with extant elephant species and it’s not nearly as bizarre as other genera such as Platybelodon.

Woolly Mammoth (Large Version by AAA)

3 (4 votes)

Review and photographs by Stolpergeist, edited by Suspsy

Woolly mammoths are among the most majestic mammalian megafauna of the past. Being such iconic prehistoric animals, plenty of toys have been made by various companies, from the fantastic and anatomically accurate figures by Favorite Co. Ltd. and Wild Safari to the imposing beasts by Schleich and Safari’s Missing Links.

Woolly Mammoth (Marx)

4.2 (5 votes)

Why is a requirement that every line of toy dinosaurs includes the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius)? Even if said company otherwise ignores extinct mammals there is almost always a woolly mammoth and this is especially true with vintage companies. In the case of Marx there are only 3 mammals, but one of them is a mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth (Mojö Fun)

4 (5 votes)
Review and photos by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy
Should you not mind having the odd mammal or two in your dinosaur collection, you’d probably go for a woolly mammoth and maybe a sabertooth for starters. This toy here is not an essential mammoth in that case; if you rated prehistoric figures in a celebrity style scale we are not talking A-lister here.

Woolly Mammoth (Museum Line by Bullyland)

4 (6 votes)

Review and photos by Resurrection of the dinosaurs, edited by Suspsy

As 2018 has ended now, I decided to review a figure from a prehistoric line that seems to have ended too: Bullyland. Let me know in the comments section if I am wrong. Although the line has stopped releasing new figures, it is still continuing to release ones from previous years.

Woolly Mammoth (Papo)

4.1 (9 votes)

The famous Pleistocene pachyderm, Woolly Mammoth Mammuthus primigenius, is the one mammal that has been a pillar of toy lines, produced many times by many different companies, and in many poses.  In 2009 Papo replaced their dramatic running mammoth, with a peaceful placid version.
Most of the populace knows something about the mammoth, but indulge me for a moment to highlight the important points of the animal. 

Woolly Mammoth (Prehistoric life collection by Safari Ltd)

4.6 (11 votes)

Many years ago when I was a small child, I thought all of the ancient mammoths where the Woolly Mammoth. I later learned that it was a diverse branch with many different members. The first mammoth bones I had ever seen in person were at the Mammoth Site in South Dakota, where a majority of the mammoth remains are of the Columbian variety, but there are also a few remains of the Woolly Mammoth as well.

Woolly Mammoth (TNG)

4.7 (27 votes)

Review and photos by Kikimalou, edited by Suspsy

An emblematic figure of prehistory, almost as much as the Tyrannosaurus rex, the woolly mammoth has survived many extinctions in the toy world. The first versions are probably those cast in lead by CBG Mignot and in composition by Chilau. These two rarities are now so rare that they are snapped up at exorbitant prices in auction rooms.

Woolly Mammoth (Wild Republic)

3.3 (3 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

Wild Republic, the makers of this mammoth figure, appear to be a US-based company established since 1979 and producing primarily plush toys and plastic realisations of extant animals. They also market a couple of dinosaur sets comprising the usual suspects and sold in polybags.

Woolly Mammoth and Baby (Playmobil)

4.5 (6 votes)
In 2011, Playmobil’s Stone Age line took its fans to the ancient world of cave people and prehistoric beasts. And just as you can’t have a dinosaur line without T. rex, you can’t have a Pleistocene megafauna line without Mammuthus primigenius, the iconic woolly mammoth.

Including its tusks, the Playmobil woolly mammoth measures about 20 cm long and stands 12.5 cm tall.

Woolly Mammoth baby (Prehistoric Life by Wild Safari)

4.8 (10 votes)

After completing the 2004 Wild Safari Prehistoric Life Woolly Mammoth review, it was brought to my attention that I should take a look at the retired WS Baby. With this thought in mind, I sat down and took a close look at this little toy. I suppose I could have added a small revision to my first review and added this little figure.

Woolly Mammoth baby(Prehistoric Mammals, by Schleich)

3.5 (6 votes)

I have already reviewed the queen of the tundra, the Schleich woolly mammoth adult.  Now it is time to look at the complementary baby calf.  Its nice to see that many toy makers depict, not just the full grown menacing adults with large curving tusks, but make cute playful babies as well. 

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