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Review: Prehistoric Tube A (CollectA)

4.3 (14 votes)
Following in the footsteps of Safari Ltd and Papo, CollectA burst into the world of miniatures in late 2015. Today we’ll be looking at Prehistoric Tube A, which contains no less than ten figures of some of the most popular dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The tube itself measures 27 cm long, is made of transparent hard plastic, opens like a chest, and fastens shut securely with a clasp.

Review: Set of Dinosaurs by Linde

4.6 (8 votes)

Right to begin with, yes, three figures by Linde are already thoroughly represented on this blog, the Tyrannosaurus, Sphenacodon and Dimetrodon. But for the sake of completeness I include those three in this review aswell.

“Linde” is a brand name for a coffee surrogate produced from grain and chicory.

Review: Six little dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Amargasaurus, Ankylosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops) (PNSO)

3.8 (19 votes)
Enter the PNSO! I first became aware of The Peking Natural Science-Art Organisation in March 2016, when I visited their offices and workshop in Beijing on a work-related business trip. It was with great excitement that I discovered this blossoming company has its sights set not only on literature and 2D palaeoart (my expectation going in), but also on commercially available 3D art as well: dinosaur toys.

Review: Sterrholophus Marsh AKA Triceratops (Recur)

4.3 (27 votes)
In 1891, the legendary O.C. Marsh bestowed the name Sterrholophus (“solid crest”) to a ceratopsian that would later be determined to be a specimen of Triceratops. That Recur would choose to use this obscure synonym for one of their toys is pretty strange, but I’ve been informed that they will be employing “Triceratops” in future.

Review: Styracosaurus (Ferrero Kinder Überraschung)

3 (2 votes)
Review and photographs by Lanthanotus, edited by Suspsy
Styracosaurus?! Someone messed up the title, that’s obviously a Triceratops, isn’t it?” Well, let’s discuss this at a later point. This tiny figure is one of eight prehistoric reptiles dating back to 1978 and hatched out of those famous “Kinder Überraschung” chocolate eggs (“surprise eggs”).

Review: T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition (Jurassic World by LEGO)

4.6 (26 votes)

“Ho, ho, ho there, fellow dinosaur lovers! Yes, it is I, Dr. Bella Claus, at your service once again! And where would I be without my loyal and trusty steed, Bethdolf?”

“I told you not to call me that, Doc!”

“Oh, come along, Beth, you were the one who refused to wear the elf hat again.

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Review: Triceratops ‘Doyle’ (Age of the Dinosaurs by PNSO)

3.6 (17 votes)
Review and photos by Apatosaurus3232, edited by Suspsy
With the recent news of PNSO coming back from the dead, I figured it was time to review their Triceratops ‘Doyle’ model. This beauty was sculpted by the incredible Zhao Chuang. Doyle is meant to be a complementary piece to their Tyrannosaurus Wilson model.

Review: Triceratops (‘Great Dinosaurs’ Collection by Safari Ltd)

3.4 (13 votes)
This most famous of ceratopsids has been reincarnated in toy form on many occasions, Triceratops is, after all, a household favourite.

Once again, Safari Ltd’s Great Dinosaurs collection impresses us with a pretty good figure, far exceeding our expectations for a $6 bargain and offering an embarrassing comparison for one of Safari’s other attempts at this dinosaur (the original Carnegie Collection Triceratops is simply appalling, in my opinion).

Review: Triceratops (1:18 Scale)(Beasts of the Mesozoic by Creative Beast Studio)

4.8 (70 votes)

Review and images by Pliosaurking, edited by Suspsy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first DTB review in which I’ll be covering the Beasts of the Mesozoic adult Triceratops horridus by Creative Beast Studio! Triceratops is one of the most iconic and recognizable dinosaurs of all time, and also one of a small number of dinosaurs that the general public can name off the top of their heads.

Review: Triceratops (2018)(Wild Safari by Safari Ltd)

4.7 (30 votes)
Review by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy, photos by Lanthanotus
Last year, Safari Ltd unveiled and released a Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex that was widely praised for keeping up with the most recent findings. While Safari already has a Triceratops figure that was released back in 2007, it was starting to show its age, what with many of the recent findings.

Review: Triceratops (2020)(Mojo Fun)

3 (6 votes)

Review and images by PhilSauria, edited by Suspsy

At the risk of stating the obvious, Triceratops is a very iconic animal. One of a handful of of prehistoric animals that some members of the general public can probably put a name to, along with Tyrannosaurus rex, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus, I’d wager.

Review: Triceratops (2021)(PNSO)

4.3 (34 votes)

Review and photos by Loon, edited by Suspsy

There are a lot of Triceratops figures. A lot. So when I saw that PNSO was planning to release yet another one, and at an incredibly high price, I was pretty sure I’d pass. The early photos weren’t much help either, as they made me wary of the articulated jaw (more on that later).

Review: Triceratops (2022)(Deluxe by CollectA)

4.7 (43 votes)

Tolerance and understanding mean little to the bitty brain of a belligerent brawler like Donnybrook. So naturally, when he happened upon a nesting group of edmontosaurs, he thought nothing of blundering directly through their midst instead of diverting around them. The females sitting next to their nests honked in anger and alarm, yet he merely bellowed back at them and waved his menacing head.

Review: Triceratops (AAA)

3 (7 votes)
While most of the toys produced by AAA could be regarded as mid-way between quality museum models and cheaply produced “Chinasaurs” there are quite a few that tread into that cheap Chinasaur territory. AAA toys span several years and I don’t know when production first began but some of the toys certainly seem a good deal older than some of their later products.
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