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Mosasaurus (Papo)

3.5 (52 votes)

My sincere thanks to Happy Hen Toys for furnishing this review sample.

More Mosasaurus toys have been produced in the 8 years since Jurassic World than in the entire previous history of the toy industry. The majority of those toys have been influenced by the JW design, with spikes all over the back, cavities all over the head, and an old-fashioned tail.

Giganotosaurus (Dinosaur Action by Kid Galaxy)

1.4 (90 votes)

Review and photographs by thunderlizard, edited by Suspsy

Kid Galaxy has released several dinosaur figure sets under the “Dinosaur Action” line. Most of these consist of Hasbro Jurassic Park III bootlegs. One of these sets, the Dinosaur Action 10 Pack, released in 2019, includes this Giganotosaurus.

Deinocheirus (PNSO)

4.7 (105 votes)

Review and photos by Faelrin, edited by Suspsy

In 1965, during part of a Polish-Mongolian expedition, a pair of giant enigmatic arms were discovered. The owner of these arms was then deemed Deinocheirus, meaning “terrible hand.” It wouldn’t be until 2014, nearly 50 years after the “terrible hand” was initially discovered when new, more complete material was described, showing the species was stranger than what had previously been envisioned for it.

Ornithocheirus (Walking With Dinosaurs by Toyway)

4.5 (44 votes)

Review and photographs by Ikessauro, edited by Suspsy

Oh boy, I can’t believe I’m writing a review of the legendary Toyway Ornithocheirus for the Dinosaur Toy Blog. It was thanks to the DTF that I first became aware of this figure some 13 years ago.

Estemmenosuchus (Wild Safari by Safari Ltd.)

4.7 (104 votes)

My introduction to Estemmenosuchus came from the 1994 episode of Paleo-World titled “Tail of a Sail”, which was about Dimetrodon and other synapsids, their evolution, and how they relate to mammals. Estemmenosuchus was only featured briefly via images of its skull and a couple pieces of paleoart but that was enough for me to become enamored with this animal and to help broaden my appreciation for prehistoric life beyond the Mesozoic.

Woolly Mammoth (TNG)

4.8 (42 votes)

Review and photos by Kikimalou, edited by Suspsy

An emblematic figure of prehistory, almost as much as the Tyrannosaurus rex, the woolly mammoth has survived many extinctions in the toy world. The first versions are probably those cast in lead by CBG Mignot and in composition by Chilau.

Dinosaur Colosseum (2019 release by Takara Tomy)

2.5 (41 votes)

Hello, who’s this?

Takara Tomy is a prolific toy manufacturer which has produced a number of dinosaur-related toys in the past. Most of these toys have been released under the ANIA (sometimes “Animal Adventure”) line, but some have received more unique lines of their own.

Stygimoloch (Dino Dana by Safari Ltd.)

3.1 (74 votes)

I first learned about Stygimoloch back in the late 1980s when I came across a painting of it by the late paleoartist Ely Kish in a dinosaur book, and I distinctly recall being rather excited at the prospect of another North American pachycephalosaur besides Pachycephalosaurus itself and Stegoceras.

Ouranosaurus (Haolonggood)

4.7 (131 votes)

It has been 27 years since the release of the undisputed best figure of Ouranosaurus ever made, the Battat Ouranosaurus, produced in 1996 for the Boston Museum of Science. And although other Ouranosaurus figures have come along over those 27 years none of them came close to matching the craftsmanship, accuracy, and paintwork of that figure.

Dicraeosaurus (Haolonggood/GR Toys)

4.7 (106 votes)

Sauropods are typically famous for their immense size and shape; genera like Mamenchisaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Patagotitan were among the very longest, most massive animals ever to walk the Earth. Every rule has its exception, though. One group of sauropods, the dicraeosaurids, have garnered attention from scientists for being almost the exact opposite of their more famous relatives.

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